Month: March 2019


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Stevenson University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Jean Wilson Nominator: Camille Harrison

On-Campus Population: 4000 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Professor Jean Wilson is an amazing, hardworking, human being who is passionate about what she practices and teaches. A mother, grandmother, wife, educator, friend, foster mother of puppies, and much more, Jean Wilson balances a lot in her life. From hearing Mrs. Wilson story of becoming a mother at a young age, going through nursing and midwifery school, and becoming an educator, I was instantly inspired and developed an even greater respect for her. Even though as a student I only see a glimpse of what professor Wilson handles, I know she is a hard worker. I especially saw how hard professor Wilson works within the month of March.

While running the junior nursing class’s scantrons through the machine, professor Wilson realized that the machine was not grading the material correctly. As a result, professor Wilson had to hand grade hundreds of tests, which are in two different version. Recently, another mistake was seen that was made by the machine, making this the third time professor Wilson would have to review the entire junior nursing class exams by hand. Completing this tedious task repeatedly is a great nuisance but Mrs. Wilson perseveres through the process.

Sadly, I was informed that Mrs. Wilson has experienced a death during the spring break from a very close friend. While no death is easy to cope with, it is especially not easy to deal with a death that was not expected at all. Even though professor Wilson was dealing with a loss that she was informed of over the weekend, she still was in attendance for her Monday class, teaching the next generation of nurses to come. Her strength, resiliency, and selflessness were truly expressed in that moment and it makes me as a student and person appreciate herself so much.

An interesting fact about professor Wilson is that she is a foster mom for puppies through the Knine nonprofit organization. Right now, she is taking care of a puppy that is one of nine. Even through dealing with the puppy’s clingy and semi-defiant attitude, Mrs. Wilson provides shelter, love, and care to the puppy. In the future, her son is planning on adopting the puppy that she has now, and she is anticipating the arrival of two husky puppies.

In every aspect, Jean Wilson is an amazing individual. Through many instances she displays her strength, care, and positive attitude. She is very easy to talk to and serves as a great friend to her colleagues. Furthermore, she is an awesome teacher. Her passion for the topic that she teaches radiates during her lectures. Her caring heart and down to earth personality are just the beginning of how awesome professor Wilson is. I am honestly inspired by the women she is and glad that I can be one of her students.

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