Month: March 2019


First Year Student of the Month

School: Florida State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Sophia Villalonga Nominator: Charles Vega

On-Campus Population: 6700 Chapter Size: 45

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Sophia Villalonga is one of the most dedicated student leaders I have met in my two years here at Florida State University. Sophia is the president of Cawthon Hall and she is a candidate member for the Garnet and Gold Chapter of NRHH. As a former member of hall council and a floor rep, I have witnessed Sophia’s organizational and team building skills come in handy more than once. This month in particular, it was when the council was faced with completing their end of year showcase bid. This bid collects all of the work that was done in the hall throughout the year and puts it on to ten sheets of paper and is judged by IRHC and NRHH executive members.

Right after coming back from Spring Break, Sophia was ready to spring her team into action to get all of the work done for this intense project. She took on many of the responsibilities of the design and editing portions, and delegated the rest of the tasks out to her other executive members. Since the council only had one week to complete this bid, it was impressive that Sophia was able to be clear and concise with what she needed and when it would be done.

Sophia has also dedicated much of her time to serving the community, both on and off campus. Just this month, she participated in NRHH’s SHINE Retreat, where she and 15 other members spent a Saturday Morning volunteering at the United Way of the Big Bend. Her team was wrapping T-shirts and Books for local schools in the Tallahassee area. She also partipated in The Big Event this past weekend.

The Big Event is a Service project that combines the students of FSU, TCC, and FAMU to go out into the Tallahassee community and give back. I was assigned to her site and I was able to see her leadership skills in action. Once we arrived at the site, there were four different tasks that had to be completed. Sophia was not hesitant to start working. We were assigned to the same project and it was the most time consuming and difficult one of the four. Under the building there was a storage room full of pedestals for art and we were tasked with taking them all out, sorting them, measuring them, and putting them back in. Once all of the pedestals were out of the storage room, Sophia and I were on the measuring team. We went around with masking tape and labeled on each pedestal the height, length, and width. When it came to putting them back, Sophia provided helpful insight on a quick and efficient system to get the job done quickly.

In NRHH, we have diamond buddies which is basically a mentor system between a candidate member and an executive board member. I chose Sophia to be one of my Diamond Buddies this semester and I am so proud of all of her accomplishments. Her passion for making the on campus community a better place will get her far as a leader. I am honored to call her my colleague and friend and I cannot wait to see where her leadership skills take her in the future.

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