Month: March 2019


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of Northern Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Maria Renken Nominator: Cameron Amos

On-Campus Population: 3850 Chapter Size: 32

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

One could look up the definitions for incredible, hardworking, passionate, and monumental, but all you would find is Maria Renken from the University of Northern Iowa. Maria Renken currently serves as the National Residence Hall Honorary Panther Pride Chapter, Chapter Coordinator In- Training. However, Maria has not only stepped into this role, she has flown into it, exceeding the expectations on a daily basis. Without Maria’s guidance, support, and advice the Panther Pride Chapter could not and would not be as successful as it is today.

During the month of March, Maria has gone above and beyond her positional duties as the Chapter Coordinator – In Training, or CC-IT. As the CC-IT, Maria’s expectations are to attend Regional NRHH Representative Diamond Chats, meet with the current Chapter Coordinator on a regular basis, and assist the current Chapter Coordinator with planning the Spring NRHH Induction Ceremony and the annual Department of Residence recognition ceremony, Among the Stars. In addition to fulfilling these duties, Maria Renken has positively impacted the Panther Pride Chapter at the University of Northern Iowa through a variety of events. First, when the current NRHH President was unable to fulfill their duties at the next Residence Hall Association meeting, Maria volunteered to represent NRHH as the liaison with less than an hour notice. Maria selflessly accepted more responsibilities and successfully represented NRHH at the RHA meeting.

Secondly, during the month of March, Maria has stepped up and done a tremendous job planning and preparing for Among the Stars, the University of Northern Iowa’s annual recognition ceremony. Maria created, organized, and implemented a new form of invitation to spread awareness for and invite individuals to Among the Stars. In addition, Maria single-handedly organized the seating chart of 160 individuals for Among the Stars, taking a large, difficult task off of the current Chapter Coordinator’s plate. Next, Maria drafted an overview of Among the Stars, that was later sent out to invitees, providing a brief explanation of Among the Stars, which was a new initiative that had never been done before.

Thirdly, Maria has provided feedback and proposals to the Chapter Coordinator – In Training position, as the position is new to the Panther Pride Chapter, and has worked with the current Chapter Coordinator to improve and strengthen the CC-IT position. Maria’s advocacy for the CC-IT position, will set the future Panther Pride Chapter CC-IT’s up for success. Lastly, Maria has volunteered to help the current Chapter Coordinator by co-authoring a NACURH-Level Award Bid, NRHH Building Block Chapter of the Year for the NACURH 2019 Annual Conference.

Outside of NRHH and the CC-IT position, Maria Renken is a heavily involved student at the University of Northern Iowa. Maria currently serves as a Resident Assistant in Lawther Hall and as the Northern Iowa Student Government Department of Residence Liaison, representing the University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Residence at all Northern Iowa Student Government meetings and programs. In addition, Maria has worked with other members of the Northern Iowa Student Government, working on programs to promote awareness on mental health and fight the stigma of mental health on the campus at the University of Northern Iowa.

Maria Renken has shown her dedication and passion to the National Residence Hall Honorary Panther Pride Chapter through her role as Chapter Coordinator – In Training, working tirelessly and selflessly to incorporate new initiatives and refining the CC-IT position, providing stepping stones for the future success of our chapter. For these reasons and more, Maria Renken deserves to be recognized as Executive Board Member of the Month for March 2019.

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