Month: March 2019


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: University of Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Rebecca (Becky) Wilson Nominator: Jordan Hansen

On-Campus Population: 6300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

One of the most important goals a Residence Life Professional Staff Member should strive for is to ensure all residents and fellow staff members feel welcome in the residence halls. Throughout March, there is no staff member who challenged themselves to meet this goal as eagerly as Becky Wilson. Becky consistently worked to ensure every person she interacted with felt informed, included, and valued. Because of these outstanding efforts, I hope you will join me in recognizing Becky as Residence Life Professional Staff Member of the Month.

Becky was incredibly welcoming as she attended two conferences during the month of March to represent the University of Iowa and interview potential new staff members. As a leader of the search for new professionals, I know Becky has put an immense amount of time into considering every detail of the process and making sure all the candidates have the information they need. (Not to mention that she shipped these informational materials all the way from Iowa City to Los Angeles for one of the conferences!) Whether she was at a conference or coordinating an on-campus interview, Becky worked hard to ensure candidates felt informed and valued.

Becky has also worked to educate herself and take action in ways that will make the University of Iowa an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Near the end of February, some students began the #DoesUIowaLoveMe campaign to share their stories about how the University of Iowa has often made them feel that they do not belong here. Becky was quick to amplify the voices of these students. In addition to helping ensure these stories are heard, I know that throughout March, Becky collaborated with others to think about action steps that can be taken to help better serve all students. Additionally, she volunteered to help ARH and NRHH facilitate our annual “Hawks Don’t Hate” event, which is designed to help students reflect on their identities and break down stereotypes.

As an Assistant Director, Becky does not work directly with many students; however, Becky constantly makes sure that student staff members and student leaders feel welcome and valued. Every week throughout March, even when she was away at conferences, she sent an email to the RAs filled with information to share with our residents. Additionally, Becky stepped up to help facilitate the elections of the new Executive Board for ARH.

And on top of all of these things, Becky reserves time for her personal hobbies and is a good role model of self-care for other staff members and students. For example, Becky has a goal of reading 55 books in 2019. She read 6 books in March alone! I admire that Becky can hold herself accountable as she works toward her goal and makes time for a hobby she enjoys. I also admire the fact that Becky uses this goal as an opportunity to continue reading about social justice issues and learning about how she can better support students.

Working with Becky Wilson constantly makes me feel welcome, valued, and inspired. Her dedication to considering every detail and supporting every person she works with allows her to achieve a level of excellence that I hope to reach as a Student Affairs Professional. Throughout March, Becky has gone above and beyond to welcome others, ensure students and staff members feel included, and serve as a role model for others who work in Residence Education. I am thankful to be able to work with Becky Wilson, and I hope you will join me in recognizing her as Residence Life Professional Staff Member of the Month.

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