Month: March 2019


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Colorado Boulder Region: IACURH
Nominee: Vivian Love Nominator: Dongze Li

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 80

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Vivian, the hall president, and I had a great conversation about our futures and made me realize why I wanted to be a hall president in the first place. Vivian made me realize what I wanted to do with my life and how I can better myself through RHA. Ever since I was little, I was told that if I exerted positive energy into the world, the world will shine positive energy back into my life. As I got older, I started to make sense of that saying more and more because I began to realize the most selfish thing one can do is helping out someone else, because only you get to enjoy and know the feeling of seeing the smile on someone else’s face. Like most things in this world, non-profit organizations act like a business, I want to study business so I can reliably run a non-profit and better the world with my own hands.

Throughout my last year of high school, I interned for my county’s health department in researching mental health and raising awareness of this rising issue within our nation. I realized when things had to change when I rushed my friend to the E.R. when her wrist was running with blood as she tried to end all of her suffers and sorrows by ending her life. It was in that shocking moment that no one should be at a point in their lives where they have to stare at the end of a rope or the edge of a blade and view it as their only solution. It is not hard for one to see that suicide is not a decision made in a slipt second but it is rather built on moments that eventually lead up to it. From my internship and own research, I realized often people who struggle with mental health issues search for help, but more often than not, either they do not find help, can not afford to seek assistance and give up after one solution does not work. I believe that we can not create/find a solution without speaking about it and end the enigma around mental health. Most adults are oblivious to the fact that their child might be struggling with their mental health, they can offer little help because there is little emphasis in our society around mental help. I want to not only spread the awareness of mental health in the business school but also spread it around the world. From a young age, I have always had a business structured mindset, that is why I wanted to join the business school. Growing up, I always found helping someone or being the reason that someone smiles make me the happiest. Soon or later, I realized it was my calling in this world, it was my purpose in this world. I wanted to help people in this world. My goal was to leave it a better place than the one I came in. Combining my passion and skill set, I want to study business, raise awareness for mental health at my time in Boulder and start my own non-profit to better this world.

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