Month: March 2019


Organization of the Month

School: Boise State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Blue Gem Chapter NRHH E board Nominator: Shaleeni Prasad

On-Campus Population: 2800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Blue Gem Chapter’s Executive Board has worked tirelessly during the month of March to ensure their members had the most impactful experience. Additionally, they made plans for how to finish the semester strong for the remainder of the academic term. This was done through weekly budget reviews, re-evaluation of goals they had at the beginning of the semester, interactions with members and brainstorming ways to better the chapter and member experiences.

On March 1st our Vice President planned an amazing spring induction to induct 5 of our newest members. Our professional staff members talked about how they have seen how far the organization has come in the past 2 years. Stating, “Gabby has put in a lot of time and effort in planning not only induction for members but the member experience.” Our chapter has been growing with the time and effort she makes in investing in our member's experience.

During the week of the 4-8th of March was “Recognition Week.” This program was dedicated to recognizing others for everything that they do. The goal was to spread recognition like confetti. Acknowledging Hall Councils, Resident Directors, housing professionals, maintenance and custodial, and the residents who are the heart and soul of why we care so much in housing. Efforts to recognize all these folks ranged from free food, fun and games, creative stress kits, and positive words of wisdom. She highlighted to all parties that, “We see you and we appreciate you.”

On Saturday, March 9th, our service coordinator led our spring semester “Roadside Cleanup.” Members gathered together and jammed out with tunes as they cleaned our surrounding community road. Max also planned a service event for executive bonding with our sister organization, the Residential Housing Association. We got together to create coloring books for the local children's center. Our advisor said, “I still can’t believe how good of artists they all were and can’t wait to hear the feedback from the children that get to color them in.” Max really set the tone for this event emphasizing how the purpose of art is not perfection, easing tension from folx who were not confident in their artistic abilities (myself included).

During the break, our operations coordinator put in a lot of time and effort to make our office clean and implement some new projects he was working on. He inventoried everything the organization had, so we had an updated record of all materials NRHH possessed. He also worked on creating a condensed version of Robert’s Rules of Order for our membership to follow and serve as a guide through formal procedures. Additionally, he worked on some amendments to our constitution.

On March 26th, the chapter partnered with the Associated Students of Boise State to extend the recognition beyond the residence halls. They set up three locations across campus with free coffee, cocoa, tea, and recognition! Members from both organizations volunteered their time to stand in the rain handing out beverages with positive messages to brighten other student’s and staff’s day.

The Blue Gems chapter has been working very hard to make NRHH known and improve our organization holistically. They have put in a lot of work in this past short month and should be recognized for all the hard work they put into improving student experiences, our campus, and surrounding communities. As the President, I can not express how proud I am of these individuals giving their time, their dedication and their love for this organization. That is why I implore you to recognize The Blue Gem Chapter’s Executive Board as the March “Organization of the Month!”

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