Month: March 2019


Advisor of the Month

School: Morehead State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: John Haky Nominator: David Michael

On-Campus Population: 3200 Chapter Size: 0

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

As the Advisor for both Morehead State’s RHA and the 2019 KARH Conference Host Committee, in addition to his position as an Assistant Director in the MSU Office of Student Housing, John Haky is someone who has committed himself to going above and beyond for MSU and to support students’ efforts as student-leaders at MSU.

For the 2019 KARH Conference, hosted at Morehead State, one of the initiatives the Conference Host Committee was the #ScarvesUp campaign. With the conference’s soccer theme, all of the attendees received a conference spirit scarf when they checked-in. To help build excitement the week leading into the conference, the Host Committee looked to get pictures of different people and groups holding the conference spirit scarf to post on social media. While the Conference Host Committee concentrated on getting photos of the entire RA staff, the MSU President, and even the conference’s keynote speaker holding the scarf, John took on a more challenging task. The plan was to have the climax of the #ScarvesUp campaign be pictures of each attending school’s mascot holding the scarf (who better to represent each delegation’s spirit?), and to avoid having students take on additional expenses like travel, John actually traveled each of the attending school’s campus and arranged to have the picture taken with the mascot. The result was a very unique and spirited transition into the conference itself, and may not have been possible without John’s efforts and commitment.

Morehead State’s RHA started to see some dip in interest and attendance at meetings as the Spring semester progressed. Despite that, John helped guide RHA’s leadership to continue moving forward to achieve the organization’s goals. First, John provided necessary guidance as the RHA leadership prepared for everyone’s first KARH Conference. Next, with several vacancies in the RHA Executive Board, John advised the remaining RHA leadership on how they could fill vacancies through promoting the organization. The result was three new Executive Board members, and a dedicated group that beautifully represented MSU at the 2019 KARH Conference and set a plan for activities for the remainder of the Spring semester.

March is always a little busy time of year in the Housing Office with the conclusion of student staff selection ending, especially for the person who facilitates that process like John. However, in addition to coordinating student staff selection, John was also responsible for facilitating some Hall Director training and selection, too. With a Hall Director vacancy to start the Spring semester, John served as the interim-Hall Director for 3 residence halls during the month of February (in addition to his regular responsibilities), and after hiring a new Hall Director, facilitated the new Hall Director’s training and orientation during the early part of March (during that time when final preparations for the KARH Conference were happening). Furthermore, as a result of an additional Hall Director vacancy, John chaired the search committee to fill that vacancy, including creating marketing materials for the position and reviewing resumes of candidates. John’s vision for selecting and developing a dynamic staff on all levels has contributed to creating a single team that operates with many individuals.

It was also during the 2019 KARH Conference that John’s work as an Advisor was recognized when he was named the 2019 KARH Advisor of the Year. While that award recognizes John’s work during the previous year, John’s work in supporting students through his role as an Advisor and his passion for the work that he does was on full display during the month of March, and kept many areas of MSU Housing moving forward.

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