Month: April 2019


Student of the Month

School: UNC Chapel Hill Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Isabelle Saliba Nominator: Myra Parker

On-Campus Population: 9000 Chapter Size: 35

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Isabelle Saliba is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from Miami Florida. She double majors in Public Policy and Global Studies with a minor in Medical Anthropology. Isabelle is passionate about calling out issues in black and brown communities, equity, and social justice reform. She is the Co-founder of Black and Abroad. She felt this was important for students of color, and especially black students as there are different resources needed during the abroad process. In her senior year, Isabelle decided to apply to be apart of Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB) Diversity Chair. CUAB enhances life at Carolina through high- quality programming and events for the entire University community. These include films, art, music, entertainment, and more.CUAB isn't just about providing these programs and events. CUAB is about expanding your ideas about what the definitions of these things are. Anything can happen at CUAB, and we will be all over campus -- students working for students -- reaching out to the entire Tar Heel community.

The Diversity Chair position consists of many weekly meeting and being a liaison between the CUAB executive board, members and volunteer. In her year in the Diversity Co-Chair role Isabelle is plan many successful events like Rep Your Flag Day, DiversiTEA, Dining in the Dark, International Women's day. All of these events usually include a service element, free item(s), such as food, books/and or tee-shirts. For example, the International Women's Day event consisted of feminine hygiene packaging event, t-shirt, cupcake decorating, trivia, and a letter writing station for students to write a letter of appreciation to monumental women in their lives.

Isabella is also passionate about marginalized communities. She planned an event titled Dining in the Dark which was a simulation to navigate a meal without sight in a sensory awareness of degenerated eyesight diseases and to learn about challenges facing the blind community. Isabelle knew this would start the conversation about visual abilism and how to navigate these spaces in the most inclusive way.

One of the biggest events planned and held by Isabelle was Activism on Campus with Logan Browning. Logan is a college graduate herself and most know for her role in the Netflix hit series "Dear White People." This event was held on April 3rd in the Student Union. As with any event Isabelle plans the CUAB exec board has to agree on it. Then Isabelle had to contact Brownings agents, make a contract, communicate with the Union Event services about the venue and Browning's dressing room, and ticket system. Note that all tickets to students where free, but they were the RSVP to the event. The ticket system crashed and appeared to be "sold out" even though there were not. Isabelle recieved backlash from student activist about how priority should have gone to activist groups and even argument of Browning being a "real activist". While this was stressful Isabelle made sure to hear the arguments of the student body and addressing them promptly and accordingly with public statements and the use of social media. The arguments about ticketing addressed the quickest as there was a glitch in the system and she had already held tickets for student activist groups. To address Browning's "real activism" and to ensure this was a space to discuss activism not acting and celebrity life Isabelle mantained a form in which students could submit questions and topics for the day of the event.

Isabelle has strived the bring many diverse events to CUAB and her track record beams hard work and successfully fulfilling her mission.

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