Month: April 2019


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Northern Arizona University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Allyson Hollenbeck Nominator: Rachell Krell

On-Campus Population: 9500 Chapter Size: 95

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Allyson Hollenbeck not only serves as the Director of Recognition in the Dr. Neil Potter Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and the Advocacy Chair in the Residence Hall Association (RHA), but she juggles both of these roles while spending 20+ additional hours a week working as a Resident Assistant (RA) in McConnell Hall. Despite the fact that Allyson serves in three of the most demanding jobs on campus, she has never once dropped the ball in any of her complex positions. She excels beyond belief and sets a high precedent that will be difficult for any successor to follow when she graduates this month.

Allyson has been involved with NRHH for the majority of her undergraduate career, and she utilizes her experiences to continue improving our chapter for future members. She contributed to every piece of legislation written this semester and even took the lead on Active Membership and Executive Board Duties. Helping with legislation is not required of Allyson according to her constitutional duties; however, she takes on an active role in the growth and development of our governing documents because she has true vision for the future of this organization.

Allyson always goes above and beyond in her duties as the Director of Recognition. Not only did she create an OTM Presentation that is being used by schools all over the IACURH region, but she actively works to educate students at Northern Arizona University (NAU) about the importance of OTMs. She also implements recognition projects in NRHH general meetings, such as thank-you cards to the NAU Police Department, to continue exposing members to different types of recognition and why it is so impactful.

However, Allyson’s work in the month of April truly demonstrated her determination as a leader. At the end of the Fall 2018 semester, the NRHH President was forced to resign. The Director of Public Relations and Recruitment (DPRR) at the time applied for the presidency and was selected, leaving her position vacant. I decided to apply and was chosen as the new DPRR for the Dr. Neil Potter Chapter of NRHH. Due to the urgent circumstances, I received little to no training for the role, and because of this, I came into the second semester without the knowledge required to plan the Spring 2019 Induction Ceremony. I truly could not have done it without Allyson, who immediately jumped in to help me. She answered every single one of my questions throughout the planning process, even when I texted her at 2:00 in the morning. She helped me write the script and create the presentation, taught me how to use a Purchase Order (PO), and helped me research and order food that would fit the necessary dietary accommodations required for attendees. She always offered to help and consistently provided guidance without any judgement or questions asked.

In April, Allyson also initiated and spearheaded a new award, the Semester Standout Award. She was passionate about recognizing members who did not qualify for the NRHH Member of the Year Award because they were either studying abroad or did not get inducted into our chapter until the second semester. Everything that Allyson did this month made it clear that she genuinely cares about NRHH and its members.

Allyson Hollenbeck is a true leader in every aspect of the word. People don’t acknowledge her nearly enough for all her hard work, and she truly deserves so much recognition for everything she does, both outwardly and behind the scenes. I truly do not know what the Dr. Neil Potter Chapter will do without her next year.

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