Month: April 2019


Residential Community of the Month

School: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Donner/Webster Community Nominator: Kyra Koehler

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 10

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Donner/Webster Residence Hall Community at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh deserves recognition for their amazing efforts in the month of April to create a community in which all feel welcomed and cared about.

During each staff meeting of April, a different CA shared a short presentation (“Teach Us in Ten”) that they’d created to teach the rest of the staff about a topic that they were passionate about in the realm of diversity and inclusion; this past month, presentations covered topics including code-switching, the importance of voting, the art of good conversation and how it can build better relationships, and the concept of “nude” and how that looks different from person to person but not always in marketing. These presentations help each staff member become more aware of an issue they may not always notice and how they affect their community. Another weekly addition to staff meetings in April included discussing updates for each floor individually and each staff member shares one way they helped, interacted, or affected their community and the influence that those interactions held. Discussing the needs and current statuses of each of the floors in the community help each staff member to be there for residents who need it most, recognize which floors may need additional support, and is also a fun way to hear about residents that certain staff members don’t see often but others do.

The Donner/Webster Team does an excellent jobs recognizing good work in the community and praising quality work throughout the community by its hall staff. Weekly recognition is given out to Community Advisors who went above and beyond each week; one given by the supervisors, one given by another staff member, and other notes of appreciation for anyone who is especially deserving of them that week.

Recognizing each other and the efforts of staff is something that the Donner/Webster team does exceptionally well, but the team also loves to show its support of and encourage its residents. One way the Donner/Webster staff is constantly encouraging positive community building is through the hall staff’s ability to connect the residents of the community. One Example shown in April of this support and encouragement was shown when a Community Advisor encouraged residents to audition for the TV show he was running on campus; multiple residents ended up auditioning and even receiving parts on the show for the duration of its run. During the time the show aired, the Donner/Webster staff got together weekly to watch and show support of our staff member and the residents who contributed to the show.

The Donner/Webster staff work hard outside of the community to bring residents together as well; this has been exemplified in the last month by the large-hall event that was put on by multiple CAs and varying resources around campus. The event that was put on was a basketball competition at one of the indoor courts on campus. Different food options were available for anyone who came including popcorn, pizza, vegetables, and snowcones. Also provided were prizes donated by the bookstore. Each of the CAs on staff came to show their support and donate some time to the event. Residents and staff alike both enjoyed the event and all it had to offer while using the time to better get to know each other and build community in a setting other than the residence halls.

The Donner/Webster Community deserves recognition for all they do for each other and for their residents, building connections, showing support, encouraging each other, and caring about the betterment of their community every step of the way.

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