Month: April 2019


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Dr. Daley-Moore Nominator: Sammy Garrett

On-Campus Population: 2300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

At Truman State University, the month of April can be very hectic and stressful with preparations for finals week and professional conferences. With anticipation of summer and nice weather, it is necessary to stay inside and complete tasks for a smooth transition into the coming year. It can be easy to become complacent and lose engagement in the classroom. However, Dr. Daley- Moore at Truman State University has created an entirely engaging and educational experience for the entire class of Human Sexuality throughout the semester. In April specifically, she has further helped create an open environment, advocated for self-care, and has made intentional connections with students.

Discussing a topic such as sexuality can be very difficult and can easily become uncomfortable for many individuals. With this in mind, Dr. Daley-Moore set the precedent throughout the semester that this class was a safe place where all ideas and backgrounds were welcome. In April, this only increased. A few topics we have covered in this month have included abortion, contraceptive laws, and safe sex practices. These conversations could have easily turned negative or uncomfortable, but Dr. Daley-Moore encouraged open and honest conversation while remaining unbiased or favoring one argument over another. In each class period, Dr. Daley-Moore has respected the opinions of everyone and created space for anyone to share how they felt on each topic. This was incredibly beneficial to impactful learning as students felt comfortable and heard.

Dr. Daley-Moore also makes an incredible effort to advocate for self-care and ensure students are taking care of themselves. As a professor of the Health and Exercise Science department, this would be expected of her. However, I have never encountered another professor who is intentional and caring for her students. In nearly every class, Dr. Daley-Moore prefaces difficult topics with the idea that students are free to leave the room or tune out if they need to in order to engage in self-care practices. She has encouraged students to take a mental health day if they need it. She genuinely cares for her students and expresses it through her support of student’s mental health and being open to listening when students need it.

Not only does she create an open and welcoming environment in the classroom and care for her students, but Dr. Daley-Moore also makes an effort to make personal connections with students from early on. She made an effort early in the semester to get to know everyone’s names to call on them in class. This may seem like a simple action, but many professor do not make this extra effort to make students feel welcome. She also makes it a priority to use inclusive language and learn and use preferred pronouns of students. She makes an effort to discuss topics in class from the perspective of not only men and women, but of those who may not fall within the gender binary or heteronormative experiences. She also makes an effort to stay after class to talk with students about their other classes and how they are doing in general. Her extra efforts and small actions of intention make her students feel valued and welcome.

Overall, Dr. Daley-Moore is an incredible professor and has made an impact in many lives across Truman’s campus. Her inclusivity, emphasis on self-care, and personal connections to students in April and throughout the semester have not gone unnoticed. She is someone who is truly passionate about her subject of expertise and brings that to the classroom everyday. For these reasons, I am excited to nominate Dr. Daley-Moore for April 2019 Institution Faculty/Staff of the month.

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