Month: April 2019


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Reno Region: IACURH
Nominee: Aminah King Nominator: Emily Sanger

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In the month of April, Aminah King has shown herself, more than ever, to be the embodiment of the spirit of student leadership.

April is a tough time of year. Students have gotten a taste of spring and freedom during spring break, but there are no breaks from then until summer break. When many students struggle physically and emotionally, Aminah exemplified perseverance and heart. Aminah has been a constant source of reassurance, empathy, and kindness for particular students in our building that have been struggling all year but especially in April. Aminah will always do what she can to help others, and that is highlighted when students from any and all floors come to her for help and advice!

As a Community Assistant, we program as a whole staff. Our April program, Diversity Duels was passionately created and executed by our staff, but Aminah’s passion to educate our students on important topics in a way that is fun, engaging, and understandable helped make this program truly spectacular! It was a trivia game and live “auction” using points from the game, where we covered topics like immigration, pay inequality, and masculinity! This program went on to win “Diversity Program of the Year” for our department! Aminah also gave tremendous insight to the planning of our May program which is a career resource conference!

On another programming note, Aminah led her Leadership Council through an amazing program/campaign to raise awareness of issues on campus while promoting an inclusive atmosphere. The LC created stickers that say “No place for hate”, which also features our school logo. The sticker is being distributed to our entire on campus population through Leadership Councils and word of mouth. There is a giveaway for those that take pictures with the stickers!

Another aspect of April is preparing our residents and buildings for closing! Aminah always wants to improve the way we do things. In order to create a more efficient and accountable system for our residents to clean their suites prior to checkout, Aminah created a document that allows them to sign up for certain tasks ahead of time, which must be completed and signed prior to the first person checking out of the suite! Our department has never utilized a system like this one before, and we are exited to see how it works out!

As a student, student staff member, Leadership Council mentor, and human being Aminah has done extraordinary things throughout April that have truly earned her the title of student staff member of the month!

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