Month: April 2019


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Morehead State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Hannah Tolliver Nominator: John Haky

On-Campus Population: 3200 Chapter Size: 0

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Have you ever met anyone who just naturally seems to make things around them feel better? Whether it through her conscious efforts or just the way she interacts with those around her, Hannah Tolliver is one of those people. During the month of April, Hannah’s impact on our residence halls and the entire Morehead State community was very evident. Even after accepting a new job at another school, Hannah’s integrity and dedication to supporting the students under her care were on full display as she committed to stay on as a Hall Director as Morehead State for the remainder of the semester.

As someone who is more about action than words, Hannah shared her passion for sustainability while allowing others to display their own skills and passion. For the second consecutive year, Hannah organized the “Create” Recycling Art Contest, a contest where students could demonstrate their artistic abilities through various artistic expressions (posters, displays, etc) promoting sustainability and/or using sustainable materials. In addition to recognizing the top-3 submissions, various other prizes were awarded, such as Most Artistic, Best Use of Recycled Material, Most Housing Spirit, Most School Spirit, and Most Playful. Hannah’s efforts in organizing the contest, promoting it through various means, and judging the winning submissions generated some awesome displays of creativity that effectively (and creatively) promoted sustainability on the Morehead State campus.

Furthermore, all of the submissions were on display during Morehead State’s annual Earth Day celebration this past month, of which Hannah played a major role in organizing the event. The event itself featured a wide range of things to do, including a mini-farmer’s market featuring locally grown herbs, plants, fruits, and vegetables, activities from groups like Morehead State’s Outdoor Adventures and Earthwise Eagles, and live performances by local bands. As a leader on Morehead State’s Sustainability Committee, Hannah actively sought out student volunteers to help at the event (including encouraging Resident Advisors to assistant and to bring their residents along), made arrangements for vendors and food provided at the event, and coordinated many of the necessary logistics to make the event happen. Coincidentally scheduled on the same day as Morehead State’s first new student orientation day, the event did a tremendous job of showing off the type of fun and responsible activities the incoming freshmen (and even their parents) could expect as members of the Morehead State community.

And all of that was in addition to Hannah’s role as a Hall Director at Morehead State. During April, the Office of Student Housing at Morehead State sponsors Appreciation Week, where various areas of the department express appreciation (beyond just recognition) for those that make our residence hall communities what they are, including students, residence life staff, facilities staff, and even university administration. While the displays that the staff under Hannah’s supervision were tremendous testaments to their appreciation of what she does day in and day out, it was during conversations with those students that Hannah’s impact was truly noticed. Almost unanimously, the students under Hannah’s care expressed that Hannah made them feel valued as individuals (not just Resident Advisors), and express tremendous respect and admiration for Hannah’s ability to support them as individuals and as a team.

Hannah’s impact on those around her has left a lasting legacy that will continue well beyond her time at Morehead State. Her efforts to both educate and support the Morehead State campus and its students go above the expectations of any residence life staff member, and we are all honored that she was willing to share her passions with us.

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