Month: May 2019


First Year Student of the Month

School: University of California, Santa Barbara Region: PACURH
Nominee: Joo Yeon Yoo Nominator: Christine Choi

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 25

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Joo Yeon Yoo is a first year resident at Santa Cruz Hall who has shown exemplary leadership throughout this entire year but in the month May alone she has been a huge asset to me as her Resident Assistant (RA), ED 20 LEAP Teaching Assistant (TA), as well as in the Executive Board of NRHH.

Joo Yeon is so involved as a freshman and gives 100% and more of herself to every single one of her involvements. She is currently the Treasurer of UCSB Cheer and is an active member of the community of athletics and creating a community there. She is involved in her hall as a Recognition chair and helps recognize her fellow hallmates with Resident of the Week, consistently being there to answer any questions or requests in the GroupMe as well. She is going to be the Vice President of Community Service for NRHH next year as well as starting her college career as a Resident Assistant (RA) next year as an RA in San Rafael Hall.

In this month of May, she has been absolutely so selfless in all realms. She consistently volunteers for different organizations without any kind of compensation (such as needed volunteer hours for an organization or department) like when she volunteered for Chi-Chella, A.S. Program Board Extravaganza, as well as for NRHH when we were fundraising at Extravaganza.

Besides selfless volunteering her time whenever for the betterment of her community, she has helped me immensely in all realms of my jobs. For RA, she is consistently helping me with my programming and other requirements, always being there for moral support or even keeping me company when I'm on duty and bringing me food when she knows that I haven't had the chance to eat before being on duty from 6 PM until 10 AM the next day. As an ED 20 Co-Leader for the special LEAP (Leadership Education and Advocacy Program) section, she has excelled in stepping up for her peers by consistently providing answers to questions in our groupchat, volunteering when no one else has, organizing bondings together, as well as with our biggest project which was the celebration and appreciation of our staff member Discussion Leader, Danielle Quinones, for both staff appreciation week and also her birthday.

Joo Yeon personally helped me buy all of the supplies, kept me company while I was DIY-ing projects for Danielle, helped me think of the projects as well as complete them, and also created her own projects for Danielle that she stayed up until 4 AM perfecting.

For NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary) where I am the Administrative Vice President and Head of the Leadership Committee, when I found myself lost without the help from my other committee members, Joo Yeon stepped up and helped me buy all of the supplies, set up my entire program, stayed throughout the entire program and helped throughout, as well as helped clean up when she absolutely did not have to and immensely helped me when I needed it most.

Joo Yeon consistently tries to leave wherever she is better and cleaner than when she arrived. Even if it's something as simple as cleaning up other dining commons tables so that the workers don't have to when others leave it dirty, or even something as extreme as taking out my trash for me when I fell asleep because she knew it was hard for me to do it alone.

Joo Yeon is one of the most dedicated, kind-hearted, genuine, and caring individuals I have ever met and as a first-year who is already accomplishing so much personally, academically, and socially - I cannot wait to see how much she will succeed and thrive and I'm so blessed to have had her as a resident, student, co-worker, as well as friend.

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