Month: May 2019


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Utah State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Daniel Sykes Nominator: Shaelyn Pond

On-Campus Population: 3181 Chapter Size: 25

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Daniel Sykes is a member of our Residence Life team at Utah State University in many capacities. During the academic year, he served as a receptionist in the Learning Living Community office. This summer, he is a Summer Assistant and will help with all of the different groups that come to stay on our campus. In the fall he will be the first ever Resident Assistant for the Darwin Apartments, a new position opening in the West campus area.

Daniel is a valuable asset to any team and deeply cares about the people he works with. This month has been training intensive for all of the Summer Assistants. As the only returner Summer Assistant on the South/Central campus team, he has stepped us a true leader and example for everyone. He is a great resource and always has a wonderful attitude. Daniel will not hesitate to step up and help out when there is a need that arises. This is valuable in summer lodging where staff members may sometimes need to reach out to others for help.

The way that Daniel takes initiative and is always lifting others up does not go unseen. Many of the summer assistants on both summer lodging teams have noticed how Daniel goes out of his way in order to assure that everyone feels comfortable and included. One of the South/Central campus team members is truly appreciative of everything that Daniel does. Katlin Soucie says, “Daniel has such a contagious positive personality. He’s always making sure things are taken care of while having the best attitude about it. He gets to know you individually and makes you feel important. He is always smiling and my day never fails to be brightened when he’s around!”

Throughout training it has been a great privilege to work with Daniel and to see him learn, grow, and reach out to the staff. Daniel is not afraid to go out of his way just to be there for you. For example, one late night after a staff bonding, I realized my bike was out in the rain and wanted to move it to a covered bike rack at a different building. Although he had no rain jacket himself, he offered to walk with me as I moved my bike. This exemplifies how Daniel is not only willing to help out with anything, he is also willing to reach out and just be there as a friend.

Charity Van den Akker, the Summer Lodging Coordinator for the South/Central team notes this about Daniel’s contributions to the summer staff: “Daniel has been an incredible leader, team player, and advocate this month for fellow staff members and other students. He has kept a positive attitude about anything and everything that came his way. Daniel willingly took extra on-call shifts to help our Blanding student group staying in the residence halls at the beginning of May. He also worked extra shifts staging rooms and cleaning for Housing marketing do virtual tour videos. Daniel is such an amazing individual to work with, and he has always shown that service with a smile does create a huge impact on our university community as a whole.”

Overall, Daniel is an outstanding person who cares deeply about those around him and makes others feel valued and heard. I can think of no one better to work with.

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