Month: May 2019


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of Northern Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Meghan Zug Nominator: Cameron Amos

On-Campus Population: 3850 Chapter Size: 32

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Meghan Zug currently holds the Residence Hall Association (RHA) National Communications Coordinator (NCC) position at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). However, within her position, Meghan has shown her passion, commitment, and dedication to serving others, especially within Residence Life. Meghan Zug has just begun her second term as NCC, and she is already showing how much of an asset she is to RHA and the University of Northern Iowa.

During the month of May, Meghan Zug has led the NACURH 2019 Delegation in preparations for the NACURH 2019 Annual Conference. As the NCC, Meghan was tasked with registering the UNI Delegation for conference, brainstorming and purchasing transportation options, creating delegation meeting agenda, and leading delegation meetings. Meghan not only excelled in completing all of these tasks in a timely manner, but she went above and beyond her position’s responsibilities during pre-conference.

First, while preparing for delegation meetings, Meghan not only prepared the meeting agendas, but she provided the other delegates and advisor with weather information for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a suggestive packing list for the NACURH 2019 Annual Conference. Next, Meghan participated in the spirit competition challenges posted on NACURH social media throughout the month of May, further engaging UNI’s NACURH Delegation with NACURH prior to the 2019 Annual Conference. Then, Meghan helped create the roll call banner for the NACURH 2019 Conference, incorporating the theme “The Great Expedition” where the Bitmoji’s of every UNI Delegate and Advisor were exploring and discovering their inner leadership while exploring the great outdoors, in a jungle.

However, Meghan did not stop there, Meghan also took sole responsibility of creating and decorating tradeable clothespins for the UNI Delegation to trade with delegations from other institutions from across NACURH. However, Meghan did not only create clothespins, she went above and beyond adding great details within the clothespins. The clothespins were layered, with purple panthers wearing yellow outdoor explorer hats, representing the University of Northern Iowa’s panther mascots: The Cat and The Kitten. Lastly, the UNI NACURH Delegation purchased matching fanny packs to bring with them to NACURH. However, Meghan took an extra step of hand sewing the Midwest’s mascot, Molly the Moo Cow, on each of the fanny packs, adding MACURH spirit into the UNI Delegation’s apparel.

With all of Meghan’s hard work, the UNI Delegation was ready for their trip to Louisiana State University for NACURH 2019. However, Meghan and the rest of the UNI Delegation were about to be faced with a difficult challenge, that could not be foreseen. The UNI Delegation was set to arrive to LSU on Thursday, May 30th to participate in Leadershape and start networking with other institutions from across NACURH. Unfortunately, in a turn of events, the flight the UNI Delegation was taking Thursday morning was cancelled during the night due to plane malfunctions. However, upon hearing this news, Meghan stayed calmed and worked with the UNI Delegation Advisor to find a new flight to Louisiana. With Meghan’s diligent work, the UNI Delegation was able to find and book a new flight within a matter of a couple of hours, and arrived to LSU Friday evening, ready to take on NACURH.

Meghan is someone who always puts others before herself, consistently serving others. Meghan goes above and beyond in everything she does to make an unforgettable experience for those around her, which shows in all her work leading up to the NACURH 2019 Annual Conference. For all of these reasons and more, Meghan Zug deserves to be recognized as the May 2019 Executive Board Member of the Month.

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