Month: May 2019


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Nominee: The Flowers of Adelante Nominator: Brasilia Perez

On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The University of California, San Diego is composed of seven residential areas, one of which is Sixth College. Each college’s residential life has a set of traditions that include some of the events thrown by residential advisors (RAs). In Sixth College, we have the tradition of throwing a program called “Adelante,” which is focused around celebrating the Latinx and Chicanx communities. The program changes in structure, location, and decorations, so each set of new RAs has the opportunity to reinvent what this event looks and feels like. This year, the most vibrant part about Adelante was the plethora of decorations; most notably, the paper flowers.

The paper flowers of Adelante were the most painstaking, time-consuming, impressive, beautiful part about Adelante. They were crafted by hand… all 230+ of them, by a small group of people on the Sixth College RA staff. In fact, the bulk of the flowers were made by only three incredible ladies who spent days on end making sure they were ready for the big day. The flowers in total took three full work days to make, and by full work days I mean 9 in the morning until 5 in the morning the next day almost each of the three days. You may think I am exaggerating… please trust me on this one, I’m not.

The paper flowers took so much time because of the attention to detail that was involved in making them. The construction of the flowers required patience and focus. Each of them was made out of six to seven pieces of thin tissue paper which was folded in accordion style fashion. The folded tissue papers were fastened by green pipe cleaners that created little “stems” for the flowers. The RAs then carefully took each and every layer of tissue paper and separated it from the others, creating a fluffy, colorful paper flower! Many flowers contained a range of carefully chosen color schemes. Those flowers were used to decorate around the whole event. The true planning came with the “flag” flowers. The program Adelante was broken up into multiple sections including performances, passive educational posters, community service, food, crafts, and activities. For each of the food, craft, and activity booths, there was a country assigned to it to bring education about the particular country. Since each country has a unique flag, the paper flowers above each country’s table was designed specifically according to the country’s flag. Because this was done, each booth had a unique feel to it because it was surrounded by flag specific flowers of various sizes specific to that booth. This attention to detail is one of the reasons that those flowers were so impressive. There was an incredible amount of effort and love put forth when creating Adelante, and the flowers being woven into the very fabric of the event made it come together all that more nicely.

In addition to serving Sixth College Res Life this year for the current Adelante, the flowers of Adelante were carefully unfluffed, flattened, and placed into storage in accordance to color and design so that future Sixth RA staffs to use them. In fact, some RAs this year used a few of the flowers as a backdrop for a kickoff event for next year’s staff, so people are already getting good use of them.

You may be wondering why you are reading a nomination for a bunch of paper flowers. Let me just remind you: three RAs, three days, 230+ paper flowers made by hand. That is why. Do the right thing and award the flowers of Adelante with the Spotlight Award.

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