Month: May 2019


Student of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Michael Stevenson Nominator: Lillian Odegaard

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In Fall term of 2017 I was given the opportunity to be a mentor for three students participating in WOU’s Discover Leadership program. This program is for first year of college students interested in getting involved on campus, and as such, I was tasked with guiding them in planning a service project for the Monmouth or Independence area.It was during that time I met one of my mentees Michael Stevenson. When I met him he was in his first term of college and just getting to know the campus, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow into the leader he is today.

Currently Michael is in the end of his sophomore year at WOU, and in that short amount of time he has been able to hold a number of positions on campus, such as being a Discover Leadership mentor himself inFall of 2018, and being one of the Student Activities Board Campus Traditions Coordinators for the 2018-19 year. I have luckily been able to work with Michael on the Student Activities Board over this past year as Assistant Director, and it’s been amazing to see how he made the role his own and adapted to fit the needs of the group. With having a little event planning experience prior to this role he worked incredibly hard to learn all he needed to know, and beyond that worked hard in creating friendships with each member which can be no easy feat.

I’m proud to say that I get to continue working with Michael through the Summer at our Sumer Orientation Programs, and Fall term during New Student Week on PLUS Team for the 2019 year. While our work has only just begun with PLUS Team I can already see how much Michael will mean to our team. He is one of the most positive and extroverted people I’ve ever met, complete opposite to myself I may add, but despite that he still treats every person as an individual. His love for connecting with people shows every day in class and even more at our orientations. He is compassionate for every person he meets, and care so deeply about each of our members, and I have no doubt if anyone ever needed some extra support he would be there. We strive on PLUS Team to promote diversity and inclusion on our campus any number of ways, but it shows a lot in the people who make up our team. We have many individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and while Michael is a Caucasian male, he does not take that lightly. He works hard to make sure he is educated on all subjects, aware of his privilege, and works to use that privilege for the benefit of those that don’t.

It is for all of those reasons and I am honored to call Michael my friend. He no longer is my mentee, he is now a coworker and a colleague. He is somebody I know I can call on if I am ever in times of stress and he is someone I trust to always have my back. He has done so much to better our campus and create an environment that welcomes everyone in the two years he has been here. I am excited to see what he does in the next two, but I know whatever he does he will make it better just by simply being apart of it.

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