Month: May 2019


Organization of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Landers/Barnum Hall Government Nominator: Shelby Morin

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Landers/Barnum hall government hosted its feature program around the middle of May. A feature program is a large-scale program that is put on for all of the students on campus focusing on the residents. It usually has multiple elements to it and is longer than an average program put on. The elements that Landers/Barnum brought to the table were inflatables, different yard games like potato sack races and ring toss, food, a ticket raffle for different prizes, and fun dance to end the night. Leading up to the program and the day of there were concerns about the possibility of the program being rained out; however, the hall government and volunteers still showed up the day of, with smiling faces ready to have some fun. Kaiana Bradley, a student on campus, said that “the Landers/Barnum hall government members made every attendee feel welcomed and excited to be there.” I can verify that; the hall government was very friendly and encouraging to try the different games and inflatables that they had.

They had about the first three hours of the program before it started to rain. At first, it was only sprinkling, so the event was still going, people were still playing on the inflatables and playing the games. Then it started to rain a little harder until it started pouring. As it continued there was just rain, then thunder joined in as well. But this didn’t end the program. This is when I saw the hall government, volunteers, and attendees work together to bring the games and prizes inside of Ackerman Hall. They set them up again inside so that people could still play them and have fun. Another thing where the students banded together on was the eight or so students who worked with the employee from Portland Party Works, where the inflatables were rented from, to fold up the inflatables and get them back on the truck. They worked together to air the inflatables out and rolled them up to tie them and get them on the dolly. This was no easy feat, Emily, a volunteer of the program who helped with this cleanup said,"Memebers of the Landers Barnum Hall Government, as well as several of their volunteers, braved the pouring rain, the chilly air, adn even thunder and lightning to quickly turn their wonderful outdoor program to an incredible indoor program in the blink of an eye. With fearless team work, Landers Barnum Hall Government triumphed through obstacles to still put on a lovely day full of fun for many campus residents." What made it even more difficult was the weight of the inflatables, they were already heavy on their own, but even more heavy with the added weight of the rain. Once they cleaned it all up and got inside, they were all soaking wet. Even though all of the obstacles that Landers/Barnum faced they still continued the program with smiling faces and held the dance and gave out the prizes.

This was an unfortunate thing to happen at an outdoor event, but Landers/Barnum made the best of the situation and had a great feature program. It was through the teamwork of everyone there that they were able to get through it, and it was an amazing thing to see!

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