Month: May 2019


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Northern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Kendall Winiecki Nominator: Brandon Antonio

On-Campus Population: 4400 Chapter Size: 44

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith. Remember, the leap of faith is not about getting from one side to the other. It’s simply about taking the leap... and trusting the air, the universal breath, will support your wings so that you may sour” - Kristi Bowman. Kendall Winiecki, a positive and endearing student leader, resembles this quote, as I nominate her for Resident Assistant (RA) of the Month of May 2019.

At Northern Illinois University (NIU), Kendall wrapped up her second year and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Minor in Social Change in Leadership. Just as what the quote said, Kendall took her leap of faith when she applied for NACURH 2019. Kendall was unsure if she wanted to apply due to other RA commitments, but her friends motivated her to take the leap of faith and apply. When she got the notice that she got the acceptance to be in NIU’s delegation, she was thrilled to leverage her past experiences by assisting the other delegates wherever she could and give the delegation her advice on conference preparation.

Kendall’s main leadership experience comes from her time as a Community Advisor (CA). She connected well with her residents and became a CA Liason for the Neptune Community Council (CC), where she advised members her past experiences. She helped with many different programs in Neptune, where she recruited and gathered many residents to events. In addition, she attended last year’s NACURH as a first time delegate. With all this leadership and programming involvements, Kendall proved to be a valuable resource for NIU’s delegates. As being one of the three members picked to represent NIU, she assisted the delegation with making pins and provided helpful feedback for the banner.

Before NACURH, Kendall did a fantastic job holding her residents accountable during the move-out period. She held an end of the year meeting on her floor and was clear outlining the move-out procedures. Throughout May, Kendall checked in on the schedule that her residents had to move out, and she did a terrific job getting her residents to move out in an efficient manner. Kendall’s dedication to her floor and the NACURH delegation shows her willingness to lead and assist others.

Other involvements Kendall has done involved her working with the youth in Camp Bon Coeur by Lafayette General Medical Center in Louisiana to give children with congenital heart defects a traditional summer camp experience. Due to health concerns, these children may not have opportunities other kids have. Kendall has been through what these children are feeling, having multiple heart surgeries and conditions. Because of this, she has faithfully served as a counselor for these children for years, sharing her story with them and giving them faith to keep going, even with a heart defect.

During her time at the NACURH 2019 Conference, she was inspired to continue her involvement with future student leaders and become a Student Advisor. As I as on the NIU delegation for NACURH, I was inspired by Kendall, as she was a guiding voice and resource for others and being a support system to rely on. Normally, this is a role that students are hesitant to become, but not Kendall.

Despite what she has been through, she continues to come out of her comfort zones that other students cannot imagine on doing. Kendall has taken that leap of faith and continues to soar through whatever is thrown at her. With her work as an RA and NACURH delegate, I firmly believe she deserves the RA OTM for May 2019.

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