Month: January 2010


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Tim Syoen Nominator: Anthony Brown

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 7

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Tim Syoen, as the Vice President for our National Residence Hall Honorary, has done a phenomenal job for the month of January. Words cannot begin to describe the amount of work that Tim has put into not only our chapter, but other housing areas as well.

Tim has been a hardworking and outstanding member of our NRHH ever since his induction to the organization several years ago. However, this month, he stepped up his involvement as our chapter dealt with several difficulties.

One difficulty our chapter had was addressing our need to increase membership. Our organization decided to create door hangers to be placed in our residence halls, advertising our group and having interested individuals join. Tim took charge of designing the door hanger and did a great job as they look fantastic. They have a navy blue border with the front side describing what type of residence hall leaders we were looking for (with a nice faded NRHH logo in the background) with the back side describing how to join. Tim also contacted our campus printing department to set up meetings with the manager to determine prices that would fit our limited budget. Hopefully, Tim’s hard work will pay off with increased membership for our organization.

Another difficulty that we had to address was the legality of our constitution. Our constitution was amended last year, and unfortunately, became non-compliant with the regional and national constitutions. Due to this mistake, our chapter was not allowed to vote on regional business at GLACURH. But once again, Tim was there to help the organization. He found out what was the problem, devised the amendments that rectified the dilemma and proposed them to our group by himself. With Tim’s help, our constitution is now compliant and we have our voting rights restored.

Tim has also done a fantastic job filling in as our National Communications Coordinator, not only for NRHH, but also for our Residence Hall Association. RHA recently went through several transitions that included the loss of their NCC. This made the situation difficult, especially when registration for the Illinois Residence Hall Association conference was due at the end of the month. However, Tim was there to support RHA (and us) by acting as the NCC for SIUC. He contacted the President of the IRHA executive board, explaining the situation and that we needed an extension on the deadline. Fortunately for RHA and our delegation, the problems were solved and we are ready for the IRHA conference.

In addition to the things Tim has done for NRHH, he has contributed his services to other housing organizations as well. He has dedicated time to help revise the RHA constitution. With his input, I have no doubt the RHA constitution will be better. He also invests time to his Hall Council here at Wall and Grand Apartments. He helps the council with programming ideas, and volunteered to help rewrite that council’s constitution as well. Tim’s dedication to University Housing is incredible as he performs all of these tasks with no problems, on top of his duties as a Resident Assistant.

As President of our NRHH chapter, I may be the head of our group, but there is no doubt in my mind that Tim is the heart and soul of this organization. The work and dedication he puts into the group makes me proud that he is my Vice President and I'm truly grateful he's the one who has my back. For the amazing things he has done in January, Tim Syoen needs to be recognized as the Executive Board Member of the Month.

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