Campus Winner
Month: April 2013


Community Service Program of the Month
Pie Your PA!

School: The University of Texas at Dallas Region: SWACURH
Person in charge: John Carrillo Nominator: Olivia Belli

Target Population: 200 Time Needed to Organize: 2 weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 100 Date(s) of Program: 4/11/13
Number of People Needed to Organize: 6 Cost of Program: $150
On-Campus Population: 3100 Chapter Size: 31

Origin of Program:

The Comet Cupboard, a free food pantry, was started so that students at UT Dallas would not go hungry. The Comet Cupboard survives on donations which is why the Comet Chapter at UT Dallas chose to highlight student hunger as its advocacy project for National Residence Hall Month and collect food items. Many on campus students do not realize how hunger affects the UT Dallas student body because they all have meal plans and do not have to think about buying food. Instead of having just a normal food drive, the Comet Chapter wanted residents to have fun. Thus, Pie a PA was born! For each food donation, a resident was given a pie to pie in the face of a peer advisor! NRHH thought that students would be more willing to donate items if they were able to pie their PA and have a good time. Peer Advisors were more than supportive of NRHH for the event and spent their Thursday night helping NRHH collect food for their fellow peers.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The Comet Cupboard at UT Dallas was started to help eradicate student hunger by offering free food to students in need. Realizing that student hunger was a larger issue than many students realize, the executive board of the Comet Chapter wanted to highlight student hunger as its advocacy event for National Residence Hall Month and hold a food drive for the on campus residents. The National Residence Hall Honorary planned 'Pie Your PA' because they wanted to give on campus residents a chance to donate food items for the Comet Cupboard in a fun way. In order to set up the event, the NRHH president contacted the comet cupboard in the Office of Undergraduate Education to set up the event and donation process. The Comet Cupboard was excited about the food donation and offered to help in any way that they could. It was decided that students that brought one food item were able to throw a pie at their peer advisor and three items enabled each student to pie their peer advisor up close. A Facebook event was then sent out to residents and Peer Advisors, flyers were printed, and whipped cream purchased to fill the pies. On the Facebook event, peer advisors would comment about the times they would be present so that students could come specifically for them! Student were given a list of high needed items that the Comet Cupboard needed in hopes of bringing those items in order to pie their peer advisor! When the day finally came, the Comet Chapter executive board set up a large box to collect donations, two tables to arrange all the pie pans and whipped cream, a rubbermaid container filled with water so peer advisors could wash their face, and a tarp covered area for peer advisors to get pied on in a popular residential area on campus. The event lasted for three hours and students passed through steadily throughout the three hours. When students gave a food donation, a flyer for the Comet Cupboard was given so that students could learn more about their purpose and future events. Peer advisors supported Pie Your PA by texting their residents and being there to be pied! Even peer advisors donated food and pied their staff members and friends! At the end of the night the box of food was so full that it took four people to lift it on a dolly!

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Goals of the program:

The goal of this program was to provide students with a way to donate food for the Comet Cupboard, but to also have fun at the same time! The NRHH Comet Chapter had attempted drives in the past, but they were not as successful as hoped. With hosting an active event for students, the Comet Chapter was able to get a large food donation! Through discussions with the Comet Cupboard, the Comet Chapter was able to determine the high needed items so that the Comet Cupboard could focus on feeding more students. Because on-campus residents have a meal plan, many do not realize the struggles that some UT Dallas students face in feeding themselves and their family. This is partially why this event was planned so that students can realize that there is a community outside of their residence hall they are a part of that may have different struggles than them. Another goal of this program was to provide exposure to the Comet Cupboard so that students would feel compelled to donate to this entity years after the program was hosted.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Hopefully students will realize through this program that there are students at UT Dallas that do go hungry and do not have food to eat. Many students at the event did not realize that student hunger was such an issue on our campus and gladly donated to the cause. Because the Comet Chapter of NRHH worked with the Office of Undergraduate Education to donate to the Comet Cupboard, the chapter now has more relations with on campus partners and offices. Relationships between residents and peer advisors was strengthened because nothing bonds people more than getting a pie in your face! Also, a strong relationship between the NRHH Comet Chapter and peer advisors was forged through this event and will help many future events that NRHH hosts. The most positive effect of course was finally donating the food after the successful event. The box was extremely heavy and the people working the Comet Cupboard were very thankful.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Pie Your PA was a definite success because of multiple components. The Comet Chapter had attempted food drives before, but they were not successful because they were passive. Instead of having another passive food drive to avocate hunger, the Comet Chapter chose to have an active event where residents and peer advisors could have fun! This proved to be a successful thought process as many resident came and donated food. Technology was utilized to the fullest through the Facebook event Peer advisors were able to talk to their residents about the time they were coming through this event and updates were given before, during, and after the program so that residents could feel more involved. Instead of just making a random donation to the Comet Cupboard, the Comet Chapter chose to contact the Office of Undergraduate Education so that a relationship could be made to help out in the future. Overall the program was a great success and a lot of food was donated to hungry Comets!

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program can be adapted in multiple ways. of course, if a school has their own foo panty students can donate to that, but if not students can fin a local food shelter to donate to instead. This program was hosted in the Residence hall common area because this is the center for most on campus students, but other areas could be utilized as well. This even just pied PAs so it was only applicable to on campus residents, but other programs could pie student leaders, professors, or other influential people on campus.

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