Regional Winner
Month: February 2016


Passive Program of the Month
Warm Hearts & High Hopes

School: Appalachian State University Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Pressley Laton Nominator: Jessica Crandell

Target Population: 100 Time Needed to Organize: 1-2 weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 92 Date(s) of Program: February 12th, 2016
Number of People Needed to Organize: 3 Cost of Program: $75.00
On-Campus Population: 5500 Chapter Size: 55

Origin of Program:

This program originated in the fall semester in an alpha sigma upsilon programming committee meeting. One member of our chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary spoke up about wanting to do a program for students on our campus who tended to feel down around Valentine's day whether for social or mental health reasons. From this idea came the blue prints for Warm Hearts & High Hopes. NRHH would host a contact table in the Plemmons Student Union (the main hub of our university) on the Friday before valentines day between the hours of 11am and 2pm when traffic would be heaviest in that area. From this contact table, people could take free cups of hot chocolate (warm hearts), a helium filled balloon (high/tall), and a warm fuzzy note (hopes). In exchange for these goodies each person was encouraged to write a new "warm fuzzy" note for someone else to take after them.

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Please give a short description of the program:

Pressley Laton, the Vice President of Community Service for the Alpha Sigma Upsilon chapter of NRHH, set up a contact table in the middle of our Plemmons Student Union on Friday, February 12th, 2016 from 11am until 2pm. This program was geared towards individuals who tend to feel down around the valentine's day holiday. The contact table was decorated with a large pink sign with purple letting to alert people to the name of the program and the free items. Behind the contact table was a set of helium tanks and balloons that Pressley and one to two volunteers would fill up as people came to the table. On top of the contact table sat a small box full of "warm fuzzy" notes, extra paper, markers, two large water heaters, cups, spoons, and hot chocolate mixes. Participants in the program were welcomed to the table; had a hot chocolate made for them if they asked and then were given a balloon. People were offered to take a "warm fuzzy" note if they wished and were asked to write one in return for other students to come by and take as they pleased. The event lasted for three hours and of the 100 balloons that were bought, only 8 were left by the end of the program.

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Goals of the program:

The main goals of Warm Hearts and High Hopes were pretty simple. Essentially this chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary wanted to ensure that the students of Appalachian State knew that they were cared for and had an opportunity to feel recognized by someone during the Valentine's Day Holiday.

As a separate goal of the chapter, Warm Hearts and High Hopes had such a successful turnout and obvious positive reaction from campus that it is now a chapter goal to ensure that this program becomes an annual pick-me-up and potential wellness-education program in the future to educate people on positive social support.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

As stated above, this program saw almost 100 people within a three hour time frame which is a large number for an Appalachian State University program. Warm Hearts and High Hopes helped to increase people's awareness of our chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary as we continue to do programs with free give-aways and passive recognition.

On a separate note, this program helped to welcome in some of the chapter's newer members. We were very short staffed during this program as our adviser had the day off from work and only one of the five executive board members could staff the entirety of the event. This program's only volunteers came from our brand new pool of inductees who had only been involved with the organization for less than week. As a result, our new members were able to jump head first into recognition programming with us and really showcase their value and passion for serving others.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Warm Hearts and High Hopes will be a program that continues annually at Appalachian State to continue as a recognition program but also has great room for growth! This program went phenomenally by itself as a cheaper program and had a great turn out. Overall, this program has lots of potential as it could be adapted to other holidays or stressful times during the semester like midterms (when students definitely need a little pick me up and some hope for the year). Or this program could become more educational. One thing that our chapter will add in the future is information about the wellness center and the counseling center on campus. For students who feel disconnected from others or are lacking a social support structure, which sometimes becomes painstakingly evident around the holidays, there are great resources on campus that our students should know can help get them plugged in.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

For other campuses, use this program model for when you need a quick and cheap program. It only takes about two people to actually run the program (one to fill balloons and the other to make hot chocolate or instruct people on writing "warm fuzzies"). For chapters who aren't comfortable working with helium tanks (we bought ours from walmart for $30 a tank), there is always the opportunity to buy balloons already filled or to have people blow up balloons on their own and tie them to their back pack to take with them. This program still has lots of potential for growth if you want to expand it to make it more educational, and it is a phenomenal program at it's core of just passing out a warm cup of hot chocolate (or cold snow cones if you don't live where it snows 24/7) and some notes of encouragement.

Word Count: 151

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