Campus Winner
Month: March 2016


Social Program of the Month
Flower Power

School: Appalachian State University Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Kaity D. Antonoli Nominator: Alexa Cook

Target Population: 250 Time Needed to Organize: 30 Minutes
Number of People in Attendance: 30 Date(s) of Program: 15 March 2016
Number of People Needed to Organize: 5 Cost of Program: $30
On-Campus Population: 5500 Chapter Size: 55

Origin of Program:

This program was created by the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH)'s Hall Council members. The ladies on this Hall Council wanted to have an event for the residents of the APH to celebrate the start of spring. The intent was that by having this program to celebrate residents would come together and the sense of community would be strengthened. Many girls on the Hall Council witnessed their neighbors and other people in the building talking about how much they liked plants and wished that they had one in their room. The residents said that having a plant in their room would make it more like home and create a welcoming atmosphere. The president of Hall Council, Kaity Antonoli, brought this up at the executive board meeting and all members decided that having a program where residents could decorate a flower pot and plant seeds in it would be a great way to engage those living in the APH and increase the bonds within the residence hall.

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Please give a short description of the program:

This program was created in an effort to increase the sense of community within the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH). It was created and hosted by Hall Council members. They advertised for this event by putting up flyers around the building and talking to those on their halls. The Hall Council members set up a table in the lobby of the APH and provided supplies for the residents. Supplies included plain flower pots, paint, brushes, soil, and seeds. As residents entered the residence hall they passed by the table. Ladies who were not busy stopped by the table to gather information about the program. Many people who stopped by were enthusiastic about the program and stayed to decorate a flower pot and plant seeds inside of it. Some girls made their flower pots for themselves and some made them for a gift. Everyone who attended found themselves giggling at their artwork on the pot and bonding with their fellow residents. After everyone left the Hall Council members cleaned up the program. They cleaned the paint brushes, stored extra supplies in the Resident Assistant’s office, broke down the tables, and vacuumed. The program was successful in strengthening bonds among residents in the building, introducing people to one another, and increasing the sense of community. Furthermore, girls who were wanting flowers in their room got them without having to go to the store and spend money.

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Goals of the program:

The goals of this program were to create and strengthen bonds within the residence hall, provide residents with something they had all been wanting, celebrate the beginning of spring, and increase the sense of community. The Hall Council members were also hoping to target more residents. Living in a residence hall for women in sororities can make community a challenge, at times. Almost all residents in the building are a part of one of ten different sororities. This being said, it is easy for the members to stay in their comfort zone on their floor with their sorority sisters. The members of the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall Council strove to reach all members of the building and create ties between girls on different floors and associated with different Greek organizations.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Girls from different floors and sororities bonded during this program. Many girls who may not have normally spent time together did and they found that, despite previous beliefs, they had a lot in common with one another. Obviously, the flower pots and the plants were a lasting and positive outcome of the program. Those that attended will be able to remember the friendships that they formed and the laughs they shared at this program every time they see their flower in their room. This program increased the sense of community and spurred a realization in those that attended. Even though many residents have different interests and values and are involved with different sororities and organizations, they can all come together for a fun event and bond with one another. Hopefully this mindset will stay with those who attended and motivate them to branch out and engage in more community building events.

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Short evaluation of the program:

This program was very successful. While it did not meet its target population, it did have a higher attendance rate than most of the other programs that the Hall Council has hosted this year. Every resident that attended walked away smiling because they got to take a break from their studies, engage in an artistic experience, and get a plant. All of this was free, which is always an appealing aspect of events for college students. The only way that the program could have been improved, in my opinion, is if the advertising had been done in a little more advance. Flyers and emails were not sent out until the day before the event. While this is not a significant issue in a college setting, it may have put a damper on the amount of people in attendance.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program could be adapted to any other campus. It was an indoor event at Appalachian, but other campuses could make it an outdoor event if this would help engage the target population more effectively. The only requirements for this program were planning the event (time, place, date); minimal advertising; writing a purchase authorization request to get the materials needed; and dedication among members to set up, stay for the event, and tear down. Any Hall Council or other organization at another campus could easily and effectively organize the same event, or one similar to it. It is an appropriate, fun, and simple way to celebrate a new season, provide residents with decoration for their room, and engage members of the community/residence hall.

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