Campus Winner
Month: March 2016


Educational Program of the Month
Conference Night

School: Appalachian State University Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Jessica Crandell Nominator: Travis Clark

Target Population: 30 Time Needed to Organize: 2-3 Hours
Number of People in Attendance: 20 Date(s) of Program: 3-21
Number of People Needed to Organize: 4 Cost of Program: $40
On-Campus Population: 5500 Chapter Size: 55

Origin of Program:

The Alpha Sigma Upsilon chapter of NRHH at Appalachian State University recently inducted a new class that more than tripled the previous general body. With this in mind, and the fact that we are in nearing the end of conference season, the executive board decided to take a spin on the regular meetings by making it conference themed. The original idea was to have sessions where old general body and executive members could bring forward popular programs that they believe would benefit the new members, as well as include on campus resources that would know more about areas of knowledge than we.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The end result of that plan was a meeting with three different sessions and two separately booked rooms. The beginning of the meeting had our regular officer reports but then led into elaborating on what a conference is and why they are important. We explained that they would be experiencing a sample of what a conference would be like.

The first of the sessions had two options. Room A contained a maintenance recognition program and room B was a program on how to bid. During the maintenance recognition program, the members were writing thank you notes for the maintenance staff on campus. The supplies (which largely consisted of construction paper, markers, and scissors) were provided by housing and these notes were to be delivered on March 31 during a community service/recognition program. The program on how to bid provided an example of a recent bid written by our school, the feedback received, and general tips and tricks of what it takes to bring a bid to a conference.

The second session was a joint session in room B that was titled "Elections 101." Since most of our members are new, most of our executive board is graduating, and elections were coming up, we needed to introduce each position that was up for grabs. Each officer provided a slide that explained what they did and what kind of qualities would be good to have while holding the position. At the end of the session, members were encouraged to nominated others or themselves for any position offered.

The last session was a split session with "Exec Q&A" in room A and "Life is a Treat" in room B. "Exec Q&A" gave members who wanted to run for positions the option to ask the current officer in that position any and all questions they may have about that position. "Life is a Treat" was a program taken from a conference in which simplified participants' life into candy in bags. There were many different types of candy and the members were asked what race 7 people in their life (such as a parent, friend, doctor, etc.) are. A candy would represent each category and this was repeated for sexual orientation and religion. There was a discussion session at the end of the session for debrief and improvement purposes.

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Goals of the program:

A goal of this program was to increase the interest of our members to go to conferences and see the scale of the organization that they have joined. Another goal was to introduce elections in an interesting way and to get people excited to become a part of the executive board. Yet another goal was to improve upon our bidding process that we just restarted this year. Lastly, we wanted to instill values core to not only our organization, but the greater community, such as recognition, diversity, and personal development.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

At the very least, we can say that every position of the executive board has someone running for that position, which cannot always be said. We also brought up a lot of positive discussion pieces during "Life is a Treat" and the maintenance recognition program. The conversations ranged anywhere from "Where do mixed races and races such as Indian fall on most racial identification forms?" and "Why do we recognize people on campus?" Hopefully now more members will want to go to conferences and learn more to bring back to the local NRHH chapter. There were many good ideas for our bidding process in the future and we were more prepared for the program that was occurring a week later.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Overall, I believe that the program achieved all of its goals. Many students left more excited about the organization as whole and looking forward to running for their respective positions. More planning and an earlier time in the year would have allowed for more external organizational help with the program. The meeting overall worked really well and even got old members excited.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This was a relatively cheap program to host and it broke up the mundane routine that meetings can fall into. A change that we would love to make in retrospect is contact groups such as the Career Development Center or the LGBT Center to help with some of the sessions so that any awkward questions that you don't know, an expert can be there to answer them. Another change could be passing out name tags with preferred pronouns or doing a group bonding activity or implementing another aspect of conferences that we were not able to do. You could easily morph this program so that it fits your school's needs and it can have as little or as much money and time costs as you want if you change the sessions.

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