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Month: April 2017


Social Program of the Month
Final Loyd Banquet

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Person in charge: Loyd Growth Committee Nominator: Holly McCuistion & Pedro Aragone

Target Population: 150 Time Needed to Organize: 1 month
Number of People in Attendance: 60 Date(s) of Program: April 23,2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 12 Cost of Program: Sponsored by Loyd Family
On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 28

Origin of Program:

In Loyd Commons, we have a tradition of hosting two banquets each semester for our residents. The April Banquet is one of our most special banquets of the year because it symbolizes the end of the academic year. It is designed to bring the entire commons together one final time before residents begin to prepare for finals and pack up to go home. The last banquet is a culmination of our last year together in Loyd Commons. It has become a tradition during out last banquet to recognize the accomplishments of our Loyd residents and reflect on our performance as a commons overall. This banquet also gives us the opportunity to announce and recognize next year’s leadership and our future as a commons moving forward.

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Please give a short description of the program:

Loyd Commons had its last banquet of the year on April 23rd. Our banquet consisted of dinner and an awards ceremony. Through collaboration with the Loyds, the athletics department, and the Loyd All Sports Center, we were able to enjoy a catered dinner from Maggiano's while talking with our fellow Loydians in the Hall of Champions overlooking SMU’s football field. In addition, we celebrated our leadership team from this past year and ushered in our new leadership for next year. We also gave out values awards to our residents based on those who were pinned for exemplifying our Loyd values of creativity, friendship, growth, purpose, and responsibility during this past year. At the end of the evening, we presented the Paul B. Loyd Man of the Year and Penny Loyd Woman of the Year awards to the most outstanding man and women for their contributions to Loyd Commons.

The Growth Committee met an hour prior to the start of the banquet in order to set up and cart the equipment over to the Hall of Champions. We also set up Loyd rain jackets in the back for later distribution to residents who hadn't picked them up yet. After opening remarks by the Growth Committee director and a blessing by a Loyd RA, dinner was served. Halfway through dinner, we recognized old leadership, new leadership, and our awards recipients. We also presented the Loyd Inclusion Statement which was written and finalized by the Growth Committee during the fall and spring semesters. The Loyd Inclusion Statement highlighting the diversity of Loyd Commons will be displayed in the Loyd first floor lobby starting Fall 2017. The new Growth Committee director concluded with final remarks. Afterwards, photos were taken of the pin families named for the 9 original resident assistants, the values award recipients, incoming and outgoing leadership, and Loyd residents graduating this May. The Growth Committee and other leaders stayed behind to tear down and bring equipment and remaining food back to Loyd.

The program was unique and creative in that we decided to do a hybrid spring/summer style banquet and incorporated a fun theme: “Summer Soiree: Like it or Yacht”. It was also unique in that Penny Loyd collaborated with the Growth Committee and sponsored our event.

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Goals of the program:

The goal of the final Loyd Banquet was to conclude our year together by recognizing the hard work and dedication our leadership team has put in this year and to mark a transition to the next year's leadership team. By showing how much we appreciate everyone and the role we all play, we create an environment of support, encouragement, and respect for each other. The Growth Committee spent most of the planning time on advertisement and tabling in order to raise attendance numbers. Unfortunately, many of our residents were unable to attend because they were going out of town that weekend. Our goal is always to have a well-attended banquet so that everyone in attendance has a more enjoyable time.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The banquet demonstrated the unity and community we have in Loyd Commons. Residents were excited to be there and enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Maggiano’s while talking and spending time among friends. The welcoming and inclusive environment led to great conversations between the different people that make up our Loyd community. Loyd banquets are a time where everyone who thinks of themselves as a Loydian comes to spend together. We had past, present, and future RAs; past and current Loyd residents; family members of Loyd residents, and our Loyd staff such as our Residential Community Director and our Faculty in Residence family. Our Loyd banquet is the medium that allows everyone to share how meaningful Loyd is to their residential experience. All in all, the banquet was a great way to end the year and it is a moment that residents will look back on fondly.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Beginning with dinner, the general consensus was that everyone loved the food because it was catered from a restaurant. By the end of the year, students are tired of dining hall food and they welcome the quality restaurants provide. Additionally, there was a wide range of desserts, all of which were phenomenal. Overall, dinner went pretty smoothly. There was one exception. The catering group accidentally forgot the drinks at the restaurant, and it took us until the end of dinner to track down water bottles to supplement. Maggiano’s did not show up with the drinks until the end of the event about two hour later. It proves that we should always have a backup plan or the ability to mediate any issues that may arise. We also received comments that people were very impressed with the vases of fresh flowers on each table. Each vase was claimed by the end.

A lesson that we have learned from planning this banquet specifically is the difficulty with coordinating between multiple parties. A difficulty we faced was that the location was not finalized until the week before the banquet which made advertising difficult. In the future, we would have started promotion earlier.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program was meant to celebrate everything Loyd has done in its third year and let residents convene for one last time before the end of the year. It is practical and applicable to other commons and campuses around the country. Preparation is a key factor that will determine the success of the program. Most, if not all, campuses have a venue where 100-200 people can eat comfortably. By following the respective process of reserving the spot a few months ahead of time, the venue should not be a problem. Furthermore, most campuses, even those that are spread out within a large city, have university housing where the event could be advertised through tabling in lobbies, posting of fliers in high-traffic areas and on social media, or knocking on doors. We highly recommend a banquet like the one we described above to all residence halls in order to celebrate the community they have helped to create and grow during the past year and to encourage people to participate in the future. Banquets are a great way to keep current and past residents involved in a community setting together.

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