Month: May 2017


Social Program of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Person in charge: Eva Batenhorst Nominator: Brandon Meredith

Target Population: 350 Time Needed to Organize: 3 months
Number of People in Attendance: 413 Date(s) of Program: May 6th
Number of People Needed to Organize: 12 Cost of Program: ~$4000
On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Origin of Program:

The origin of the Carni-Ball came out of several different ideas. This event was created as the Landers/Barnum hall government traditional event, an event that is shows what the hall government has learned over the course of the year. The original idea for this program was renaissance faire but over the course of time, the idea morphed into more of a renaissance carnival and eventually the idea of renaissance was discarded and the idea of doing a carnival only was discussed. A member of the hall government expressed concern that the carnival idea has been done so often that it may be necessary to add something that makes this event stand out more than others in the past. The hall government decided to do something that in recent history has never been done or attempted, that was to hold two traditional events back to back where they will have a Carnival during the day and a dance at night. The events were made equal with one not overshadowing the other in terms of importance or budget they were equally large programs put in the same day for up to eight hours of fun and excitement.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The event began at three in the afternoon but the set up began hours before that. Set up began at nine in the morning with a briefing over breakfast in which the hall government laid out everyone’s job for the day during set up. Meet up with volunteers for the event happened at ten and the setup of the event area happened shortly after that.

The event area for the carnival was set up in a circular area for an easy flow for people attending so there would not be any congestion around something. In the center of everything was a large inflatable circus themed canopy providing both a shaded area for eating and a centerpiece which goes with the theme. Events included an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable bungee run, dunk tank, and many other events. The highlight of the event was a high striker, a classic carnival event where a person hits a target and the person attempts to hit it hard enough to ring a bell. A raffle was also done every hour with prizes ranging from a school basket to a 40’’ television. Food wise there were burgers and hot dogs but the hall government wanted to serve something that went with the theme, so they got caramel and candy apples. Also, the hall government made gluten free caramel corn themselves the day before to provide something to those with those dietary restrictions. The carnival lasted until seven which was when everyone switched gears.

The dance portion of the event began at eight thirty so the hall governments ten members that were there worked simultaneously to tear down the carnival and set up the dance which were in two different areas. The dance named the Afterglow started on time and was as successful as it was supposed to be. The Afterglow going with the name had glow sticks, and rotating lights making it an event where everyone can dance the night away on the basketball courts. Also for refreshments the hall government served energy drinks with other flavors mixed in. Songs included the current hits but everyone had the opportunity to request any song they wanted if it was appropriate for the setting.

The event was a long one, with four hours for the carnival and another two and a half for the Afterglow but the entire day was used to make this event successful.

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Goals of the program:

This program has three main goals. The first goal was to show what the hall government has learned in doing programs over the year and the second was to give the community both on and off campus a fun event that would cater to as wide of an audience as possible. The final goal was to do something that has never been done before on campus. Each goal was met and even exceeded in that this type of plan doing two traditional events in one day has not been done before at Western Oregon University in recent history. The off-campus community came to the event and they thoroughly enjoyed the event, there were many families with children that came to the carnival and they all looked to be enjoying themselves along with the college students there. The hall government has shown their potential of putting on a program that takes months to plan and costs thousands to put on. Teamwork was needed to pull off an event of this caliber and it is because of the teamwork between twelve people with varying opinions that this event became the largest event of the year.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Lasting effects of this event is that it gave everyone experience for the future. It gave everyone the experience of planning something that takes a lot of work and months of planning. In terms of positive effects, it helped everyone learn how to manage their stress where things do not go as planned for example when the people the hall government wanted to go through for their dance lights backed out the week before the event everyone needed to stay calm and work it out which is what they did. This experience will help those in the hall government who go on to work in other leadership positions and provide valuable experience in the workplace if they are ever assigned a long-term project. Time management, stress management, and being able to work in a team are all positive effects that this event gave the hall government. For those that attended the event it showed how much fun events on campus can be.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Carni-ball was a huge success. The event exceeded expectations in ways that many on the hall government did not think possible. The events attendance was higher than any other event that the hall government has put on in years and the event was a double traditional, something that also has not been done in the past. Leah Coyle an Activity Director for the hall government stated how this event reflected Western Oregon, "I believe that Carni-Ball proved Western Oregon University's best traits, such as inclusion, diversity, and community, to be present in its purist form here on campus." This event was done to prove how much the hall government has grown over the course of the year and to grow as leaders which they have proven through their work. Katerina Kerr a pod representative shared her thoughts on the event, “Carni-ball was a well-articulated event, and it was a great way to give back to the community! Everyone had a lot of fun, and it was a success!” This event can be used as an example for years to come as how successful a program can be given enough time and willingness to pursue something great.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

Other campuses can put on a program like this given enough time and effort. The biggest part of the event being the carnival needs many events to keep people entertained. A simple way is to have inflatables that many people enjoy but they are expensive so also having smaller games that can be made cheaply but still fit the theme. It is also important to have a large area to put this on because a small area it will be too crowded so doing it in a large open area is best. Volunteers are necessary for the carnival to make sure everything is running correctly and nothing is getting stolen or people misuse the inflatables. For the dance, it is simple to put something like that on. All that is needed are lights and music. While this dance was done outside, it can be inside depending on the circumstances of the school and weather conditions. Doing both in one day is draining on everyone so if anyone wishes to do something like know that the amount of work needed is enormous and it takes all day for the event but in the end after its over, it is worth it.

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