Month: June 2017


Social Program of the Month
Café 22

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Person in charge: Mervin Ng Nominator: Mervin Ng

Target Population: 200 Time Needed to Organize: 6.0
Number of People in Attendance: 215 Date(s) of Program: June 1, 2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 6 Cost of Program: $800
On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Origin of Program:

Café 22 was first created two years ago by the Residence Life Interns (RLIs) of one of the seven residential colleges of the UC San Diego, and it has since become a tradition. It was started under the belief that residents would need time to relax and enjoy themselves in the final weeks of the spring quarter before everyone bunkered down to study for finals. The RLIs thought it was also a good way of saying goodbye to residents and show our appreciation of being their RLIs for the past year through specifically being their wait staff and serving them desserts and hot drinks. Rather than just be a normal café event, the RLIs wanted to give the program more character through adopting theme of a 1920s-themed coffee house, complete with black and gold decorations reminiscent of art deco and live jazz music. While less crazy than a party hosted by Jay Gatsby, this event was meant to give the flavor of the Roaring Twenties without any of the desperation that filled the people following World War I. Additionally, the residence halls even had a great location nearby: a nice open court yard next to a warm and inviting fireplace.

Word Count: 200

Please give a short description of the program:

Walk into the courtyard behind the dining hall of 64 Degrees to enter the decorated area in preparation for the Residence Life Interns’ very last large-scale program of the year, Café 22. Lights illuminate at every view of the area, with streams of light bulbs hanging above, lined up around the cafe, and on the seating tables itself in a mesmerizing mason jar centerpiece. Student performances by the fireplace fill the night air with vibrant music. Excited students gather in line and wait in anticipation of eating some free Extraordinary Desserts and receiving a cute mug as advertised. Once in front of the line, a hostess greets and directs your group to your seats. A menu is presented on the table with various delicious dessert options, including Strawberry Raspberry Scones, Blueberry Cheesecake Coffee Cake, and Lemon Bar, as well as some warm drinks like hot cocoa and Earl Grey Tea. One of the neatly dressed servers shortly comes by and kindly asks your table for what desserts would you all like for tonight. Now waiting for your order to arrive, you and your friends look around to digest your animate surroundings. With everyone making conversation at their own tables, performers playing some jazzy music, and cute decorations everywhere, it makes you feel like you actually are in a lively cafe. The server comes back and presents everyone a big tray of really pretty desserts and you all gradually dig into your delicious desserts of the night. The warm atmosphere surrounding the event obliges you to relax for a few minutes more, deciding to sit on the low chairs that are closer to the performance to enjoy yourself. After leaving the aesthetically-pleasing venue, you feel unexpectedly refreshed from the experience and feel ready again to tackle the rest of your midterms of Spring Quarter.

Word Count: 304

Goals of the program:

In its third iteration this year, Cafe 22 meant to live up to its predecessors and go a step beyond. As the last year that the RLI position will exist, we wanted this event to become a necessary tradition within Revelle Residence Life, something distinctly “Revellian” and is looked forward to every spring quarter. We intended for the event to be seen as a staple Revelle event to the point where incoming Resident Assistants jump at the chance to be on the team which puts together the coming year’s Cafe 20- something. However, as much as we wanted to make the event loved by Residence Life staff, our main goal for Cafe 22 was for the Revelle RLIs to give back to our residents and show them just how much we loved being their RLIs by throwing them an event solely for their own enjoyment. Not only that, but we wanted to give them keepsakes of our event for them to use and remember, which included event pins and reusable coffee mugs. Even if there was not a following Cafe 23 next year, we wanted to make sure that residents would hold their memories of Cafe 22 fondly in their hearts.

Word Count: 200

Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The lasting effects of the program is that it brought a unique, memorable experience to the residents. Even at the end of the year, when the residents have gone to several other kinds of events throughout the year, the distinct atmosphere of the cafe makes residents feel relieved of stress from the upcoming last weeks of finals. The delicious desserts and the relaxing live jazz music helps develop new conversations amongst the residents, allowing them to socialize with friends and make new connections with others enjoying the event. Once you entered the space and sat on a table, you feel like you are actually in a real cafe, with the liveliness of the customers and the jazz performances being played near the warm fireplace. The professional server attire of the RLIs also contributed to making them feel at comfort.

Word Count: 140

Short evaluation of the program:

Overall, we thought the event was a huge success. Going over the many logistical details many times beforehand, The RLIs were able to set up our venue smoothly. We were able to immediately see the success of publicizing our event from seeing the line that was already forming before the event even started. When the event started, we were struggling a bit to keep up with the wave of orders due to a lack of volunteers. However, the residents did not seem to notice us struggling as they were captivated on live music performances throughout the entirety of the event. At the end of the event, we ran out of all our desserts and mugs, resulting in a great expected turn out. Even when the event was nearing its end, some people were still comfortably sitting until the last minute and enjoying the amazing live jazz music by the fireplace.

Word Count: 151

How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

The program has a universal application because of the similarities to a cafe. It is a great event in order to create an inviting space that promotes socialization and a further sense of belonging through community building. The replication does not have to be a mere replication of this event, but has adaptability for the desired atmosphere and program goal. For example, our goal for Cafe 22 was to create this space as one to further build community and also say farewell to all residents we worked throughout the academic school year.

Word Count: 93

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