Month: August 2017


Educational Program of the Month
Carnival Night #DoSomething

School: University of Central Arkansas Region: SWACURH
Person in charge: Thomas Bruick & Sexual Assault Awareness Committee Nominator: Alexandria Nixon

Target Population: 1500 Time Needed to Organize: 15 hours
Number of People in Attendance: 615 Date(s) of Program: 08/22/2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 5 Cost of Program: $1750
On-Campus Population: 3600 Chapter Size: 16

Origin of Program:

Carnival Night #DoSomething was originally a smaller Sexual Assault Awareness Program that took place during Sexual Assault Awareness month, April. The concern that the committee had was that April is too late in the year and students were not getting the information when it had the most impact and was needed.

Carnival Night was revamped and moved to take place during Welcome Week in the Fall Semester to be both an engagement and educational program. The idea behind Carnival Night was for students to engage in entertaining games while indulging in their deeper meaning of awareness and knowledge on a topic that is not normally discussed by their peers.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The Carnival was a Welcome Week Event targeted for incoming first- time students but was open for all students. There were six carnival booths: Darts, Bears, Oh My!, Banner Signing, Football Toss, Pick a Duck, and Tea.

Students started by checking-in; they were handed a bag with event information and a Stamp Card to track their progress throughout the event. After at least five of the six events were stamped, students could redeem an Event T-Shirt with the Carnival Logo on the front, and a Talk-Bubble Graphic on the back saying, "Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Sure. If you didn't hear "YES" then it's "NO." Stop Sexual Assault."

Darts: Students threw a dart at a wall of balloons. There was a number behind each balloon that correlated to a list of Bystander Intervention Questions. The facilitator of the booth read the popped question and the student had the opportunity to answer.

Bears, Oh My!: A group of students watched a parody video surrounding the statistic that 1 in 5 people are attacked by a Bear, performed by five famous actors. At the end of the video, viewers were encouraged to not ignore the real statistic that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted by the time they graduate if they wouldn't ignore a Bear attack. Open discussion took place after about the statistics of men who are sexually assaulted in college, ways to help prevent Sexual Assault as a student, and the support and resources on campus, including the Title IX Office.

Banner Signing: A full-sized sheet with the Talk-Bubble T-Shirt graphic painted in the center was laid out for students to sign their name; the banner will be displayed later in the year.

Football Toss: A Title IX definition/scenario was read. The student then threw a football into one of nine holes that had words to describe the scenario. Example: The definition of Consent is read and there is a hole with the word Consent.

Pick a Duck: Students picked a decorated duck. Each duck had a number on the bottom of it that correlated to a list of true or false rape myth questions. Students then answered.

Tea: Each student was given a cup of tea. Following, the "Consent is as Simple as Tea" video was played. At the end, questions such as, "Did you want the Tea we gave you?" were asked, and an open- discussion occurred on consent.

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Goals of the program:

Carnival Night #DoSomething aimed to attract students who may and may not typically attend an Educational Program on Sexual Assault Awareness. The program was meant to provide an opportunity for students to engage and learn about the deeper topic of Sexual Assault on college campuses. A few ways to attract students to attend was the Title/Hashtag of the event, the well-known and nostalgic theme of the event, and the incentive to receive a free T-Shirt.

By introducing the topic early, allowing the topic to be discussed, changing discussion from awkward to accepted, and encouraging each student to help prevent the normalization of Sexual Assault, the Carnival aspired to allow the students of the University of Central Arkansas to be a strong community and promote safety.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Carnival Night #DoSomething was successful in multiple ways.

As a result of attending the Carnival, students are more aware of Sexual Assault on campus and definitions surrounding it. Students are also aware of what to do when interacting with a Sexual Assault situation, obvious or subliminal. Students now have the knowledge and resources that enable them to be able to intervene, act, and report.

Students had the opportunity to interact with five groups on the University of Central Arkansas campus that see the most interaction with Sexual Assault: The Title IX Coordinator, Campus Police Department, Counseling Center Counselors, Wellness Center Employees, and Housing Officials.

Students were also able to meet other students on campus and engage with them while experiencing the Carnival together.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Carnival Night #DoSomething was overall well-attended and well- received. Students displayed comfort with engaging in fun activities while having conversations that are not talked about often in a public setting.

The 2017 Carnival had 615 participants and 350 (100 percent) redeemed shirts. This was an increase of approximately 115 participants compared to 500 students that attended the 2016 Carnival.

Students only were required a stamp at five of the six booths to redeem a shirt; the majority of participants completed all six booths. Students also continued to participate in all activities after learning that there were no shirts left to redeem.

Multiple students approached the facilitators of each booth that they were happy that the Carnival took place and that the topic was about discussing Sexual Assault Awareness on campus.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

Carnival Night is quite adaptable for any College or University.

All the chosen activities were homemade and related to the observed engagement and culture of the University of Central Arkansas. This can be adjusted for any campus.

Videos that contain messages that a campus wants to relay on the topic can be hand-chosen, each carnival activity could be adjusted based on relevant campus culture, and each booth can explain a topic to be as understandable as the campus wants them to be. The six booths used for Carnival Night could be used at any campus, with the questions and facts being changed to meet the community needs.

The Carnival Night #DoSomething goals aligned directly with the National expectations for education on Sexual Assault on college campuses; the content can be used at any campus with small adjustments to match the students.

There was a relatively low budget for Carnival Night. The main need for money connected to the largest incentive, the T-Shirts. The most important aspect for the attendance of this program was the incentive piece so students could arrive to learn.

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