Month: August 2017


Social Program of the Month
Hitchcock Hangouts: Making Hitchcock Home

School: Case Western Reserve University Region: CAACURH
Person in charge: Acadia Fairchild Nominator: Thomas Ugras

Target Population: ~115 Time Needed to Organize: ~3 hours
Number of People in Attendance: ~75 Date(s) of Program: 8/27/17
Number of People Needed to Organize: 3 Cost of Program: ~$40 (this is a guess)
On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 20

Origin of Program:

Hitchcock Hangouts originated with this program! Hitchcock is a first-year student residence hall within the Magnolia Residential College, which houses about 300 people. Hitchcock itself is where about 115 residents call home, and there are three Resident Assistants(RAs) living within Hitchcock.

These three RAs decided to, this year, begin a programming series in order to better build community within their residence hall. This series is called "Hitchcock Hangouts."

The first Hitchcock Hangout occurred at the end of Orientation Week, just as residents were starting to meet each other and get to know their new friends. The program was used to create a new decoration for the residence hall - the residents all worked together to create one large canvas that is to be hung up on the first floor of the residence hall.

Working together to create this decoration not only made their new residence hall feel more homey, but it also helped the residents become familiar with their new friends and neighbors - their Hitchcock family.

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Please give a short description of the program:

As I mentioned before, Hitchcock is a first-year residence hall that about 115 people call home. It is a third of the Magnolia Residential College, which about 300 people call home. At the program, the three Hitchcock RAs, Acadia Fairchild, Matt Tavares, and Kyra Arroyo, brought a canvas and water balloons outside to set up for residents to make look cool and colorful.

The canvas was huge, probably at least 4’ tall and 2’ long, if I had to guess. On the canvas, there was masking tape shaped into a tree and the word “MAGNOLIA,” representing the residential college that Hitchcock is a part of. It looked cool! This piece of artwork was done before the program by the RAs.

The water balloons, also, were not any ordinary water balloons. To start, the water balloons were filled with a mixture of water and tempura paint, so that when they were thrown at the canvas, they’d explode to get paint all over the canvas, except where the masking tape covered. Additionally, the water balloons were biodegradable, so that plastic wasn’t left behind as a result of the program! The RAs made these water balloons before the program so that they were prepared.

At the program itself, the three Hitchcock RAs leaned the canvas that they made against a tree, and they put thumb tacks sticking out of the canvas (they put these in so that the water balloons would explode upon impact). They had a large bucket of their pre-made, paint-filled water balloons, along with residents already lined up to throw some water balloons! The Hitchcock RAs also brought a snow cone machine with them, along with the flavored syrup and a ton of ice.

When the program began, residents had a blast! They loved going crazy by throwing water balloons. In total, at least 75 people came, likely even more. There was constantly a huge crowd surrounding the person(s) throwing the water balloons, all of them smiling and having fun. The snow cones to go with the program was an awesome treat, too. The entire atmosphere of the program was great!

After the program, too, the Hitchcock RAs removed the masking tape from the canvas, and it looked so cool! You can definitively see the tree and the word “MAGNOLIA” on the canvas. The canvas is going to be hung up on the first floor of Hitchcock!

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Goals of the program:

The ultimate goal of the program was to build a community within the residence hall of completely new people! The residents were only a week into their college career when the program was put on, so the RAs put the program on for residents to meet and interact with one another. Ideally, they’ll be interacting with each other with smiles on their faces and, after the fact, with good memories in mind.

Additionally, creating a new decoration was another goal that the Hitchcock RAs had in mind. The canvas that the residents all worked together to create would serve as a physical artifact that reminds them of the program, where they may have met their new, lifelong best friend.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The first ever Hitchcock Hangout created the framework of a safe, fun, and happy community. The program happened exactly one week into the Class of 2021’s college career, which was the perfect time for a social, community-building program.

People had fun at the program, which created the framework for having great turnouts at future RA programs! This is great for the RAs because it ensures that residents ill continue to come out to their programs for food and fun!

Creating a new decoration was another lasting effect of the program. The canvas that the residents all worked together to create now serves as a physical artifact that reminds them of the program, where they may have met their new, lifelong best friend! Now, every time they see that canvas on the wall of their building, they will think of the fun that they had at the first ever Hitchcock Hangout.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The program went incredibly well! The turnout was great, and everyone who came had a ton of fun!

To start, the residents LOVED throwing water balloons at the canvas; it was like a rush for them! Additionally, the residents really enjoyed the snow cones – they were really, really delicious. Lastly, the canvas that was created looks great – it serves as a physical artifact of some of the residents’ first ever memories in their new home.

All-in-all, the program achieved the goals it set out to, and a whole lot more. For the month of August, it was, without a doubt, the most fun program I attended.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

There’s not much that has to be changed to adapt this program to other campuses, which is great! As long as there is a green area that it can be done in, much of the program can be adapted to fit different needs.

To start, the image and text on the canvas itself would have to be changed to better fit the university that this event is happening at. It could, for example, be changed to another university’s name along with their logo (i.e. – Case Western Reserve University; *Spartan logo* (we’re the Spartans)).

Additionally, the food/snow cones aspect could be changed to almost anything. An idea that the Hitchcock RAs played around with was bringing watermelon instead of snow cones. They ended up going with snow cones, but both would’ve gone great with the activity aspect of the program (they’re both incredibly different snacks, too!).

Other than that, the program is ready to happen on any campus! Make your new campus or building home to you!

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