Month: September 2017


Community Service Program of the Month
"Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida"

School: Arizona State University-Tempe Region: IACURH
Person in charge: Shannon O Nominator: Melissa Stine

Target Population: 500 Time Needed to Organize: 16 days
Number of People in Attendance: 375 Date(s) of Program: September 14th, 2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 11 Cost of Program: ~$2,000
On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 120

Origin of Program:

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” -Tanzanian proverb

Arizona State University’s (ASU) “Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida” was created based on the desires of University Towers Community Assistants to provide aide, however small it might be, to those affected by the recent devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The ASU Charter outlines a fundamental responsibility to ensure the health of our communities and Community Assistants recognized an immediate need to assist and planned the event in a matter of days. Initially intended as a small University Towers (335 residents) program, this program quickly expanded into a large-scale ASU community event due to the widespread enthusiasm and support. Little by little various residence halls and student organizations signed up to help and more than 400 students, faculty and staff participated and upwards of $800 and multiple truckloads of supplies were donated. Although this is the type of program we hope to not need to hold in the future, we believe it has further increased our student population’s desire to be a catalyst for change in their communities and that it could be adapted to support other community needs.

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Please give a short description of the program:

With the tagline “One Spark to Ignite an Inferno”, “Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida” was an active event outside ASU’s new residential hall, Tooker House, where student, faculty, and staff participants could donate physical supplies or make monetary donations to hurricane relief efforts, while also engaging with their community members and having the chance to win prizes and giveaways. In the lead up to the event University Towers Community Assistants and a Community Assistant within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, worked to gain support and participation through tireless campus outreach and advocacy. Because of their efforts the ASU Police Department volunteered to handle the shipping of supplies and were active participants at the event, along with RHA-Tempe, Aramark, Sun Devils Athletics, and the Undergraduate Student Government Association. By donating, participants received a various amount of raffle tickets to be used to enter to win prizes, which had been donated by the aforementioned event partners. Additionally, there was a card making station for messages to be sent to shelters and first responders and a station to make pet toys from old t-shirts to also be shipped. Music, food and the campus newspaper, “The State Press”, were also part of the program. All University Towers and Tooker House Community Assistants and professional staff helped run the program, and there was a high level of support and attendance from other University Housing and campus staff members. Additionally, this program provided students and staff with the opportunity to network and learn their campus resources, by interacting with the other participants.

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Goals of the program:

The primary goal of the event was of course to raise donations to support hurricane relief efforts, but by participating in this event ASU students were able to also recognize the positive impact that can come from combining forces for a cause such as this. Involvement in civic engagement and community based experiences is a main overarching goal of the ASU student experience and “Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida” helped accomplish that goal for the student participants. In showcasing an opportunity to take part in a community based experience such as this program, we are helping to further develop ASU students to incorporate the ASU Charter into their everyday lives and remain engaged citizens.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Achievement. Engagement. Responsibility.

These three core principles encompass the “Sun Devil Way”, which is the tenet that outlines ASU’s expectations for the student experience, as well as what informs staff and faculty decision making in support of students. Outside of the large amount of donations raised and strong campus-wide support that “Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida” received, one of the most positive effects was that the event incorporated these three principles. Student participants advanced their personal growth through taking part in the event, engaged with their community (ASU and beyond), and showcased their commitment to being a responsible community member in supporting this event. Many of our student participants were first year students only a few weeks into their college journeys, so it was exciting for them to be able to experience the “Sun Devil Way” through an engaging program. There were true acts of thoughtfulness on display at the event, so we believe that ASU’s student participants truly identified with the event and will continue to be committed civic leaders in the future.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The program had a line of students ready to participate as we were setting up, so enthusiasm was high and stayed that way throughout the event! All prizes, food etc. went fairly quickly and we exceeded all expectations for monetary and supply donations. There was positive feedback from all participants on the turnout and various programmatic elements and a high level of excitement. The support and participation was more than we could have imagined for a program that grew rapidly and was planned on incredibly short notice, but it was by all accounts a huge success and has set the bar high for future community service programs.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

“Sun Devils Unite for Texas and Florida” could be adapted to any campus, regardless of location or size, as all of the communities we serve will have some identifiable need. While this event originated from a response to a tragic set of natural disasters, we believe that the core foundation of the program would be easily replicated to serve another community need, whether it be raising funds for an established medical charity drive, working to fund a library in a local elementary school, or helping to upgrade a food pantry/shelter. The potential is limitless for the impact a program such as this could have in another community location, it would just be a matter of identifying that need and engaging staff and campus stakeholders to participate.

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