Month: October 2017


Diversity Program of the Month
Clement IdentiTREE

School: SUNY Buffalo Region: NEACURH
Person in charge: Pamela Chong and Daniel Mckeown Nominator: Terrence Glaspy

Target Population: 100 Time Needed to Organize: One Week
Number of People in Attendance: 100 Date(s) of Program: October 6, 2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 2 Cost of Program: $0
On-Campus Population: 7638 Chapter Size: 38

Origin of Program:

The Clement IdentiTREE was created as an October program by two Resident Assistants at SUNY Buffalo: Pamela and Daniel. Resident Assistants at SUNY Buffalo are required to put together programs for their residents throughout the academic year. The programs must relate to a certain topic, and Dan and Pam were assigned “Aspects of Identity” for the month of October.

If a resident is struggling with their identity, they can fully understand that they are not alone and that people around them are just like them. This program celebrates diverse groups of identities throughout our great residence halls.

Since October can sometimes be a month where people use costumes as a way to appropriate different cultures, this was a great use of a program to understand that people are more than just their race, gender, or sexuality. Since it’s the month of October, Pamela and Dan able to create a program that ensure residents go to know the people around them.

The IdentiTREE is a large interactive program that now stands tall in the Clement Hall lobby thanks to these two resident assistants. They wanted to ensure that an intentional program was created for everyone on South Campu to enjoy.

Word Count: 200

Please give a short description of the program:

On October 6th, Dan and Pamela placed a table with different cut outs made from construction paper. As residents walked by the table in Clement Hall, they were able to see what Pam and Dan were providing them with. Each shape was for a specific part of the IdentiTREE. These things included: Trunk – Aspects of your life that are quite permanent life structures.Roots – What are some of your life influences and beliefs? Leaves – What are some unique life experiences that have had an impact on you and your life?Fruit – What are your achievements?Buds – What are your ideas and hopes for the future? What is your potential?Flowers – What makes you special? What are your strengths?

All together, these different cut outs created a giant tree for residents to see as they walked through the Clement Hall lobby. The tree had a lot of different responses from residents and it looks fantastic in the lobby.

Some things that residents provided on the tree include: I am proud of finding a home away from home. I was born in Brunei. I am proud that I am motivated to be the best that I can be. I identify as bisexual. My grit makes me special, I am ambitious, and I am proud to be committed to my goals. I am proud to be bisexual.

Another part of the Clement IdentiTREE included a sheet with puzzle pieces. The sheet was called “What Traits Complete You?” and it had different identities that residents could color in like: Muslim, Black, Non-binary, Nerd, and Atheist. Having this sort of activity is great for residents to fully understand the different types of identities that anyone can be proud of. Dan and Pam handed this sheet out for residents to do while they were handing out toilet paper in the lobby. Since a lot of residents get toilet paper throughout the night, this was really an easy way to get residents to participate in the program.

Residents were proud to talk about their achievements, their goals, and the things they identify as. This program was great to get residents to open up about their own self and see the things their neighbors in Clement Hall are proud of. For these reasons and more, I believe that Clement Identitree is deserving of an OTM for Diversity Program of the month for the month of October.

Word Count: 400

Goals of the program:

Pamela and Dan had great goals that they wanted to meet from doing this program:

- Pam and Dan wanted to ensure that residents understood the different identities that people had throughout Clement Hall.

- They wanted to put together a great diversity program that really highlighted the identities of those on our very own campus. Throughout South Campus there are a lot of diverse groups of students, and this identity tree really proves that.

- Residents were able to showcase some of the life achievements that they are proud of. This includes: getting into college and being hired as a Resident Assistant.

- They both wanted to create an artistic program that allowed residents to interact and get involved for the night that the program was put on.

- With the “What Traits Complete You?” sheet, Pam and Dan wanted to be sure that a lot of residents were given this sheet. By putting it with their toilet paper, many residents were provided the sheet throughout the entire night.

- Pam and Dan wanted to ensure that residents were aware that it is ok and should be encouraged that people celebrate the different identities that they relate to.

Word Count: 200

Positive and lasting effects of the program:

There were many positive and lasting effects that came from this program:

- Residents can now see how diverse the group of students are that live in Clement Hall.

- Since residents had different identities on the tree, a resident reading it might find comfort in knowing that there are other residents that identify as the same thing that they would. Doing this can definitely build community for the entire Clement Hall.

- The Identity Tree is still up in Clement Hall, so residents can now view a beautiful creation made by them throughout the entire academic school year.

- Residents are now aware of the different identities that some of their neighbors have in their very own residence hall.

- I think this program should definitely be done throughout other residence halls. Seeing something like this done that can show the representation of residents is a great thing. If this type of program was showcased throughout UB, then others would be very aware of diversity and identities.

- Other RAs can create programs that are similar to this in Clement Hall if they wanted to. If they were inspired by this program then they could do something similar.

Word Count: 199

Short evaluation of the program:

This program was a big success:

- All the goals were met. - A lot of residents added to the tree throughout the night. If you were able to see it you would see how diverse the groups of students are at Clement Hall.

- The tree was full of different identities that some residents identified as.

- The “What Traits Complete You” sheet was also a big hit. Since Dan and Pam gave it out inside separate toilet paper rolls a lot of residents have the opportunity to complete it whenever they want. - It was really cool seeing residents being comfortable talking about some of the identities that they care about. It can sometimes take a lot to be open about who you are, but I thought it was very inspiring to see residents encourage others to be open and honest.

- While some residents put stuff that dealt with their race, sexuality, or gender, other residents wrote down different things like their major, or whether they were a brother or a sister.

- Overall, the tree looks fantastic. I’m glad it is able to stay up for the residents to see throughout the academic school year.

Word Count: 199

How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

- If Pam and Dan wanted to, they could have made this program into a giant bulletin board. The interactive aspect would really have encouraged residents to participate throughout the month with their fellow students.

- If other campuses want to do something similar to this then they can easily collaborate with different organizations on campus that deal with identity and diversity.

- Other campuses could literally do the same exact program that Dan and Pam put on. The paper that they used came from their resource room, so other campuses would be able to save a lot of money doing something like this program.

- This took place in the Clement lobby, so as residents walked by they were able to ask for residents to participate in the program. If other campuses utilized their open spaces then a lot of students would be able to do the program as well.

- If other campuses want to create a discussion aspect from the identity tree then they could ask for professional staff members to assist with facilitating it. Difficult conversations could come from this great topic, so having people who are knowledgeable about it definitely would be very useful.

Word Count: 199

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