Month: November 2017


Community Service Program of the Month
Give One, Get One

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Person in charge: Dante Villarinho Nominator: Elia Peralta

Target Population: 100 Time Needed to Organize: 2 weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 52 Date(s) of Program: 11/06/2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 10 Cost of Program: $350.00
On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Origin of Program:

At the University of California San Diego (UCSD), there are seven residential areas, on of them being Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC). The RAs of ERC are asked to plan area wide events each quarter revolving around the themes of different cultural backgrounds. During fall quarter, the RAs of ERC were assigned the theme focusing on Latin America and decided to design a program, “Give One, Get One”, to assist a local service community in San Diego. As they partnered with the South Bay Community Services, they planned an event that was easily accessible to students, that would ultimately allow them to give back to their community. Since students already possess a large amount of clothes, many of which get lost in their closets, this event was designed to create a space where these items could be donated to an excellent cause. In preparation for “Give One, Get One,” they sought to purchase food from El Salvadoreño in honor of Latin American Heritage Month. Originally, this event was coordinated as a culturally focused event. However, they decided to use the opportunity to assist a local shelter that had previously partnered with the Residential Office Staff.

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Please give a short description of the program:

For the event, residents were invited to bring new or lightly worn articles of clothing to donate. Some of the items that were brought ranged from shirts, jackets, pants, socks and bags. In exchange for their donation, residents received a pupusa, drink, curtido and various snacks from El Salvadoreño. Since these food items are not commonly found around campus, this event was also an opportunity to share with residents an insight into a different culture from Latin America. “Give One, Get One” was designed to be more than a simple clothing drive, it was meant to celebrate Latin American culture through food and music. With the clothing drive, this was an opportunity to reach a local community, one that focused greatly on helping the members in need of the community of San Diego. Residents were invited to bring multiple articles of clothing if they chose to and were encouraged to share the event with their friends in order to bring about an inclusive community with other residential areas. Even the residential life director at ERC donated articles of clothing to help out with the drive. While the event was taking place, there was music such as salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbias playing in the background. The atmosphere created during the event was welcoming and lively. Both residents and RAs were having a wonderful time singing along to the songs being played, there was even some dancing. The music and food allowed people to engage with and be exposed to some aspects of the Latin American culture. The event attracted a wide range of participants, as the RAs hoped it would. All of the componenets of the event, the clothing drive, food options, and music brought a lot of attention to the event taking place in the middle of the lawn located in the heart of the residential area of ERC. A few residents found extra articles of clothing and wanted to give more items, which were happily accepted. Due to the generosity and willingness of ERC residents, there were 3 full boxes of clothes collected for donations. The successful event managed to engage residents and assist the local community of San Diego.

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Goals of the program:

The goal of this program was to create an opportunity for residents to have an impact in their community by donating an item of clothing to a phenomenal cause while also highlighting and introducing the Latin American culture. The space created by the RAs was one where residents could give to those in need. Through this initiative, RAs wanted to encourage residents to get involved and actively help others in any way they can. By including the cultural aspect to the program, the RAs of ERC believed it would be a good strategy to use food and music as a platform to encourage conversation and discussion surrounding the variety of Latin American cultures. Since food naturally attracts a wide audience, this was an easy way to attract attention to the event. Since the location was right in front of the residential halls, it gave the RAs another opportunity to reach out to first year students, especially since the event was hosted in the evening when most residents are in their rooms. We wanted to engage the largest student demographic on campus, which is why we chose first year students.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

"Give One, Get One" had a significant and lasting impact on the community of ERC. The event left residents with a desire to help out not just the community of San Diego, but those communities who had recently been impacted and harmed by natural disasters such as those in Puerto Rico and Mexico, and the wildfires in our own state of California. The community of ERC learned that a simple act of kindness can greatly help those who are in need. In itself the program was simple and straightforward but the lasting effects were definitely more than that. Because of the program, the residents of ERC felt encouraged to continue to help those who need it the most and have decided to join different organizations on campus that focus on community service. One resident who attended the event pitched a program idea to RA Ryan Lee and RA Elia Peralta that consisted of writing letters to Santa Claus for National Believe Day in which all donations would go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is one of the many examples in which residents of ERC got involved in order to help those in need.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Overall, “Give one, Get one” was a great success. It demonstrated the residents' willingness to help out the community of San Diego. There were 3 boxes of donations collected just from the residents in ERC, which was more than RA Adam Moore expected. Because of the careful planning done by the RAs, the atmosphere created at the event was engaging and fun. The RAs of ERC are now looking forward to putting up another event similar to this later in the year with some minor improvements to be made next time around. RAs believe that a bit more publicity and advertisement before the event would be beneficial and help boost the amount of donations collected. Some also thought that the cultural aspect of the event was not clear enought to residents and suggested making it so the cultural theme was more noticeable.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

"Give One, Get One" can be easily adapted for other college campuses. All that an event like this one requires is for RAs to reach out to a local community service organization or anything similar and partner up with them. Then RAs should ask residents to donate items that the organization needs and/or wants. The event also provided some type of incentive to get residents out to the event. In this case it was Salvadorian food, which went along with the theme in honor of Latin American Heritage Month. The other component of “Give one, Get one” as to promote Latin American culture through food and music. This could also be adapted to a program with the same purpose or a different one. Whatever each college would like to promote through their donation drive, it should be one that is suitable and would best serve their own community.

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