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Social Program of the Month
Cup of Culture

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Person in charge: Hector Godinez Nominator: Hector Godinez

Target Population: 175 Time Needed to Organize: Approximately 5-6 Weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 197 Date(s) of Program: November 3, 2017
Number of People Needed to Organize: 7 Cost of Program: $1025.94
On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Origin of Program:

Cup of Culture is a lively and traditionally event hosted annually in the residential community of Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The event celebrates diversity through an inclusive social setting featuring performances, food, and fun activities in a coffee house aesthetic setting. The annual event allows students to build a strong sense of community and identity here at UCSD. Furthermore, it creates an inclusive and safe space for residents of Revelle College community to gain exposure to different cultures, along with being able to socialize and discuss cultural and identity topics within this space. Through the diversity of performances, the event serves to show the diversity and acceptance of all cultural backgrounds here at UCSD through discussion and cultural food.

Traditionally,the annual event opens with student group performances here on campus, such as Japanese Asayake Taiko and leads into an “Open Mic” setting where students are able to perform. Historically the event is known for its large attendance, and as a great space for community building. Residents and students are able meet new individuals, and find commonalities to lead to friendship! Furthermore, the event is known for its raffle giveaways and variety of cultural food.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The event embodied a cheerful coffee house aesthetic through fairy string lights wrapped around umbrella stands which illuminated coffee mug cutouts dangling down from the umbrella above the tables. At the event, a world map activity allowed students to place a physical emblem on a world map of where they considered home. This created a space for discussion of where students considered home, all while waiting to indulge on delicious food.

The foods catered for the night consisted of Vegetable Chow-Mein to represent the Cantonese culture, Black Milk and Green Tea to represent the Taiwanese culture, L&L for the Hawaiian culture, Alfajores to represent South American culture, as well as Sambusas to represent the cultures of the Middle East. Also raffle tickets were distributed throughout the event, during performance transitions, through trivia questions about the world to create discussion and excitement on global topics for the audience. The raffle gave students the opportunity to win tapestries, world art socks, and string lights, while also allowing students to expand, discuss, and share their knowledge about other cultures around the world.

The opening group performance, HopSax, a saxophone musical group on campus, played a variety of songs, filling the air with wonderful jazz music that contributed to a great ambience for socialization within the community. Furthermore, the next performance, Asayake Taiko, a Japanese drumming performance filled the community with an exciting and upbeat presence. The night's lineup near concluded by a fellow Revelle College Resident Assistant and her fellow dancers in an exciting and soothing Hawaiian dance routine. The Hawaiian dance served as the perfect transition into the “Open Mic” portion of the event. During this “Open Mic,” UCSD students were given the opportunity to perform in front of their peers.

The “Open Mic” portion had a total of nine performances which consisted of a combination of singing, playing the guitar, and keyboard. This section of the event was an excellent way for students to showcase their talents while also building community within Revelle through discussion, appraisal, and affirmation of everyone who performed. Furthermore, this portion of the event strengthened ties among residents and students who performed and in the audience allowing them to engage in sharing thoughts and experiences through discussion regarding the cultures and performances. The night ended with the announcement of the raffle prizes and a final applause and thank you for all those that performed at the event.

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Goals of the program:

The goal of the program was to bring Revelle residents out into the community to socialize, have fun, and to expose them to various cultures. The program sought to celebrate and talk about cultural diversity in a fun and interactive setting rather than through strictly educational channels. Additionally, the program was intended as an inclusive space for all residents and students of all backgrounds and identities.

Activities were planned to allow students to be able to visualize the vivid and vibrant intricacies of different cultures through exciting performances. The program incorporated activities that would display how diverse and accepting our community is here at UCSD. The map activity gave a visual representation of how many different places around the world individuals consider as home. Also trivia questions kept participants engaged and taught them facts about different places and people around the world. The courtyard location was styled after the laidback nature of a coffeehouse in order to get those who came to relax, socialize, and fully take in the different cultural expressions of the event. All in all, the program's goal was to let residents come enjoy themselves, learn, discuss, and celebrate culture and diversity in an inclusive social setting.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

By attending Cup of Culture, residents from many living areas around Revelle College were brought together for a cohesive cultural exchange. Residents had the opportunity to learn about other cultures, and share pieces of their own, through food, performances, and discussion. Cup of Culture strengthened the sense of community here in Revelle College;residents and students alike were able to enjoy a “night out” with their friends, and make new friends as they worked together to answer trivia questions.

This program took place in Fall quarter, Revelle will now have a stronger community through the rest of the academic year. Cup of Culture is an important annual event because it teaches students from different backgrounds how to respect others and where they come from. It is the responsibility of the residence life team to educate students about diversity and acceptance so that they may graduate UC San Diego knowing how to love and respect others for who they are. Cup of Culture facilitates this learning in a fun and vibrant environment. This program works to create a memorable night for residents, so that they can recall the night and the peaceful exchange they experienced for many years in the future.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Overall, the program was a huge success. There was a great deal of positive feedback from the event in which one resident, Phillip Truong, a first year Revelle student expressed to his Resident Assistant “This event made me feel so connected to the Revelle Community. I had a lot of fun being able to socialize with people in Revelle, eat amazing food from my culture, and see the awesome performances”. Cup of Culture presented an inclusive space for residents and students to socialize and learn about different cultures. With an amazing group of Resident Assistants (RAs) to work with, this event was a huge success.

There was great publicity to encourage residents to come out to the event where there was a snapchat geofilter that allowed residents to connect even on social media platforms and socialize! Also the the delicious and wide variety of food was a great way for students to come out, eat, and socialize in the community. Another resident, Mira Swartz, first year out of state resident t, commented that “Seeing all the food at the event made me realize how wonderful it is to have the privilege to live and socialize with some many diverse cultures.”

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

Cup of culture has great adaptability for other campuses in which it promotes community building, socialization, diversity, equity, and education all in a fun social setting.The event itself can be adapted to meet the needs of other campuses or even to just provide a safe, inclusive, and educational space for residents, students, and all alike to discuss the tops of identity, culture, and experiences!

A great way for this program to apply to other campuses is to use the “Open Mic” portion of the event to allow those in the community to perform, creating space for community building, socializing, and a deeper understanding of different backgrounds and identities. This event is a wonderful social program to create this capacity for students to engage in these conversations as well for students to have fun!

Another great aspect of the event, is that the theme can be adapted to meet the needs of the campus, along with the choices of food. Furthermore, more activities can be added for more educational aspects! The wholeness, global aspect of the program creates capacity for many applications at other campus nationwide, and globally, especially to create a deeper and greater understanding of others cultures and backgrounds!

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