Month: April 2018


Social Program of the Month
NRHH Presents: Miami's Got Talent

School: Miami University Region: CAACURH
Person in charge: Dr. Richard L. Nault Chapter of NRHH Nominator: Caitlyn Bell

Target Population: 250 Time Needed to Organize: 1 semester
Number of People in Attendance: 200 Date(s) of Program: April 6, 2018
Number of People Needed to Organize: 6 Cost of Program: $2,600
On-Campus Population: 8100 Chapter Size: 80

Origin of Program:

Caity Bell, the president of NRHH at Miami University, decided to host a talent show to recognize the talents of those individuals who may not always be given an opportunity to showcase how wonderful they are. Since Miami does not have a large scale event that allows people to showcase their talents without joining a singing, dancing, comedy club, etc. an opportunity to host a talent show is the perfect chance to let people perform for a night and have the chance to win a prize. Caity encouraged the executive board to host their first talent show last year and it was so successful that they hosted a second one this year. Miami University has an organization dedicated to late night programming (Late Night Miami) to help sway students from drinking. This organization partners with other organizations to fund late night events that the organization might not be able to fund by themselves. By partnering with Late Night Miami, NRHH was able to make this year's talent show much bigger than last years.

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Please give a short description of the program:

Miami's Got Talent was a large scale talent show aimed at recruiting those who do not always have the opportunity to showcase what they are talented at. NRHH put on this talent show in an effort to recognize members of the student body for a couple of things. The first way that NRHH intended for Miami's Got Talent to recognize members of the student body was by encouraging them to show the world their talent. The second way NRHH intended to recognize members of the student body was by applauding them for being brave enough to get on stage and perform. While every participant could not win a grand prize, every participant was given an NRHH t-shirt as a small token of our appreciation for them. Throughout the night we had twelve different contestants whose talents ranged from singing to dancing to comedy to poetry and last but not least unicycling. We were able to have four grand prizes. A 55 inch Roku TV being the first place prize, a Nintendo Switch for second place, Beats Powerbeats for third place, and a Roku Ultra for fourth place. In order to keep the audience engaged, we also provided a thousand dollars worth of door prizes. We collected names on raffle tickets as audience members swiped into our event. To encourage the audience to stay the duration of the event, we allowed them to vote at the end using a Google Form. However, we also drew names for various door prizes throughout the show. Most of the door prizes were drawn in between acts or during our intermission; however, we did make sure to save a decent amount of them to raffle off during the voting portion of the talent show. Miami's Got Talent started at 9 pm and lasted until approximately 11:30 pm. Our executive board and a few members arrived at the Student Center Theater at 7:15 pm to begin setting up and preparing things for our audience and our acts. We required all of our acts to arrive at 8 pm to begin mic checks and for us to have a brief overview of what they would be doing during the show. We had 200 people in attendance throughout the night. 60 people used our Snapchat filter allowing over 1,500 to see it. Miami's Got Talent was so popular our student-run newspaper wrote an article about its success.

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Goals of the program:

The goals of Miami's Got Talent were fairly simple. Our biggest goal was to provide a fun, alcohol alternative event; however, this was not our main goal. With recognition being one of our pillars, our most important goal was to host an event that recognized the bravery of our participants. It is very hard to get up on a stage and perform in front of 200 of your peers. We also wanted to host an event that provided individuals with hidden talents and opportunity to showcase their talents to the world and be recognized for how unique they truly are. Another less important goal we had was to host a large scale event that would help increase awareness of our organization. We put our logo on all fliers, in the Snapchat filter, in the name of the event, and we passed out our t-shirts to the participants. While the main goal was to recognize the participants, we did also want others to be able to learn more about our organization and what we stand for. We hope that after Miami's Got Talent they will begin recognizing the talents of one another so we can have more participants next year.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Miami's Got Talent had several positive and lasting effects. First, it provided a way for more people to learn what NRHH is and what we stand for. Second, it allowed our participants to recognized by others for the hard work they put into preparing their acts but also for the uniqueness of their talents. With this, we also had a couple of contestants tell us that because of our event they might join a club so they can showcase their talents more frequently. Third, we were able to provide an alcohol alternative event to two hundred Miami students on a Friday night. Another positive effect was that we were able to gift grand prizes to four people and door prizes to an additional fifty people. We were also able to give every participant a t-shirt so that all of them were able to walk away with something. At the end of the day, the one effect I consider to be the most positive and longest lasting was hearing the contestants thank our organization for providing them a platform in which they felt encouraged to be themselves and show us their talents.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Miami's Got Talent was an overall success. We were able to achieve all of our goals and we definitely made the contestants feel valued. While we did have a small incident where one of our acts made an inappropriate joke, we were able to act fast and recover. There were small hiccups that could have been fixed such as getting door prizes onto the stage but all and all the talent show ran smoothly. We had all six executive board members running the show plus an emcee and seven additional NRHH members doing various jobs. We had just enough people working to ensure the success of the show. We had two people working with acts to get them on stage; however, next time we will suggest the acts all sit together in the front row to make it easier on us to find them and send them backstage to prepare. We had two people checking people in and an additional four people working with door prizes. These were the people who would bring the door prizes to the stage. In the future, it would be helpful to have more people with door prizes and fewer people for tech support.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program could easily be adapted to other campuses. First and foremost another school could change the name to represent their school. If your school name doe not necessarily sounds right, you could also use your mascot. As far as budgeting goes, we would highly encourage partnering with other organizations so that you can have a larger budget to buy nicer grand prizes and door prizes. We hosted ours in a theater on campus; however, it could very easily be mimicked in any room where you could create a stage and have microphones. When it comes to selecting what prizes to win, it is important to look at what are popular items on your campus but also what students at your university could use the most. As far as recruiting people to help work the event, we would encourage having your executive board be very hands-on; however, it is also helpful to open it up as a service event to members. Overall, the event was not very university specific and could very easily be adapted to other campuses.

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