Month: May 2018


Community Service Program of the Month
PB&J Service Day

School: University of Akron Region: CAACURH
Person in charge: Emma Harmon Nominator: Emma Harmon

Target Population: 100 Time Needed to Organize: One week
Number of People in Attendance: 10 Date(s) of Program: 5/3/18
Number of People Needed to Organize: 5 Cost of Program: $50
On-Campus Population: 2,800 Chapter Size: 28

Origin of Program:

As a member of the National Honor Society in high school, I was the chair person for the PB&J Committee. Through this committee, I was in charge of organizing a group of members every other week to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless population in Canton. I took the sandwiches that we made and brought them to the Refuge of Hope in my hometown to help with the endless problem of hunger. As the Community Service Director for Residence Hall Council, I wanted to find a way to get the residence halls involved in service on a smaller yet very effective and important scale. To accomplish this, I adapted our PB&J Committee from high school into a service project for our campus. We titled it the "PB&J Service Day", we opened it up to all students, and we donated the food to a local homeless shelter, Haven of Rest.

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Please give a short description of the program:

PB&J Service Day took place on May 3rd and lasted about forty-five minutes. All of the Hall Governments as well as the activities boards were invited and the information was posted on all of Residence Hall Council's social media. Participants were encouraged to use their left over dining dollars to bring bread, peanut butter, or jelly to the meeting if they could. Some people brought supplies and helped make the sandwiches, some just helped make, and some simply donated supplies. A very large number of people came together to help serve ninety homeless and hungry people who are just steps away from our very own campus. Everyone who helped met in the lobby of Ritchie with their supplies to donate. Other members of Residence Life and Housing also donated supplies for the sandwiches and they were brought to the Residence Hall Council Office to be stored. Every helper was required to wash their hands and put food safe gloves on before starting to make sandwiches. The sandwiches were made on paper towels and an assembly line process was started. We all worked in teams with one person on peanut butter, one person on jelly, and one person bagging the sandwiches. Everyone had fun making the sandwiches and playing around, while also providing great help to those in our community who need it most. After the sandwiches were all made and bagged, they were counted and placed in larger bags for transportation. In total there were ninety sandwiches made by merely ten people. I took the sandwiches that same night to the Haven of Rest and donated them to their food department. The program did not last long and did not take very much real money to put on. It was simple and quick to plan, and every person who helped had fun and felt a sense of joy from helping those in need in our own backyard.

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Goals of the program:

The main goal of this program was to get the residents on our campus involved in service within our local community. We have mostly been involved in service that affects people on a more national scale, which is amazing, however serving locally can provide a unique sense of community and pride in where you live. This sense of pride and community was what I was hoping to foster within the resident on our campus with their new home of Akron, Ohio. This program was formed with the intention of also educating the residents on campus about the problems of hunger and homelessness within our community. We helped feed ninety people with the help of less than fifteen people, which proved to everyone how big of an impact each person can truly have.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The PB&J Service Day was a fun, easy, and effective program that fostered community, fed the hungry, and showed the community how much the University of Akron students care about their new home. This program showed Residence Hall Council and other organizations that service does not have to be a huge undertaking to be effective and worth doing. This small program had a big impact and allowed a small group of people to feed ninety people, which was so much more than what was expected. I have been inspired to keep doing small programs focused on service, because I know that I can make an impact and that we as a community always have the time and resources for it. Every person who helped felt a sense of joy in the fact that they were able to help so many people receive a meal and they had fun doing it. This program was a hit and will more than likely be done again.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The PB&J Service Day was a complete success. It was geared towards a small group with little resources, and it still managed to feed ninety struggling people. We did not donate money, however we donated our time and effort to fight the horrible problem of hunger, and we did a great job. This program provided a simple and fun way for the residents to earn service hours and to truly connect to their communities outside of the college campus. Every person who helped was seen smiling, laughing, and truly having a great time doing community service. This program made service fun and showed us as an organization that service really can be a part of our everyday operations. The PB&J Service Day also relied heavily on left over money from our meal plans at the end of the year, which otherwise would have expired, so it did not leave students relying on their own money. It was a complete success and will more than likely be repeated in the future.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program is very easy to adapt to any other college campus. It was not specific to any group or campus and it did not take much time at all to plan. All any college campus would need to put this program on is a few interested people and a shelter to donate the food to. Hunger is a world wide problem that is sadly not going away any time soon, so it is a great cause to pick when looking for a purpose to serve. I would recommend this program to any college or university group looking for a way to connect to their local community on a more personal level, or for a way to serve that is quick, easy, fun, and effective.

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