Month: May 2018


Social Program of the Month
2018 ILV Instagram Summer Takeover

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Natacha Bomparte Nominator: Anna Patton

Target Population: 500 Time Needed to Organize: 1 month
Number of People in Attendance: 350 Date(s) of Program: May 14-August 2
Number of People Needed to Organize: 23 Cost of Program: 0
On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Origin of Program:

While Instagram is not a new social media platform, we are only now seeing the creative possibilities for using Instagram as social programming grow. Using social media for social programming makes sense; after all, social media is intended to facilitate social interaction! During the month of May the Impact Leadership Village (ILV) is hosting the 2018 ILV Instagram Summer Takeover, a social program empowering volunteer Villagers to manage the Village’s Instagram account for a limited amount of time. Inspired by a local Instagram account, the @rdubaton is the origin for the 2018 ILV Summer Takeover idea. The RDU Baton is a collaborative Instagram account that allows local citizens to highlight their experiences in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina areas. On campus, New Student Programs mirrored the RDU Baton and created @iam_ncstate21 for first-year students to do the same on campus. After serving as an @iam_ncstate21 photographer, an ILV member, Natacha Bomparte, proposed a summer Takeover that used a similar model to introduce program alumni, highlight their summer plans, and share advice as well as resources with our 316 followers, including our 64 recently admitted, incoming first-year Villagers.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The program began with a call for volunteers before Villagers moved out at the beginning of May. Based on the number of volunteers, we then coordinated a volunteer photographer rotation schedule beginning May 14 and extending through August 2nd in order to accommodate all interested photographers. Given the length of summer break, the Director changes access every fours days over the summer on Thursdays and Sundays at 1p. Each volunteer photographer received a calendar appointment reminder for the first-day of their Takeover period. While the Village Director worked on coordinating the rotation schedule based on photographer availability, Natacha created the digital media files that would be used throughout the entirety of the Takeover including a photo file introducing the project and editable photo files to introduce each individual photographer. With the schedule and the media files completed, the Director shared volunteer guidelines with the photographers. First, all posts must be in alignment with the Village mission, purpose, and values as well as those of NC State and Living and Learning Initiatives. Additionally, all posts should highlight volunteers’ summer experiences and how they connect to things they learned and experienced while in ILV. Finally, volunteers post at least once a day during their 4-day period following these topic prompts: Day 1-Introduction (Year, major, hometown, summer plans); Day 2 (Leadership philosophy: after being in ILV, what does leadership mean to you); Day 3 (Relational Leadership: some reflection connected to relational leadership); and Day 4 (Sign-Off: Best, key advice for incoming new students). With clear expectations and schedule, the Takeover officially began on May 14 with our first volunteer. After some initial difficulty linking the Instagram to our Twitter and Facebook pages, the first volunteer began her rotation on May 14 through May 17th. Rotations continued from the 17th-20th, 20th-24th, 24th-27th, and 27th-31st. One the first day of a volunteer’s time period, the Director emails the volunteer with their unique password by 1p. This process ensures only one volunteer is posting at a time and that the security of the Instagram account remains protected throughout the duration of the Takeover through the end of the summer.

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Goals of the program:

While a nontraditional approach to programming, the ILV Instagram Summer Takeover still has key goals that align with more traditional event-based programs. First, the Takeover intends to facilitate connections between immediate-past Village members and incoming first-year Village participants. As a result of participating in the Takeover during the month of May, recently admitted Village members for the 2018-2019 academic year will be able to virtually meet participants from last year’s program. Through these introductions, incoming Villagers can meet peers to mentor them through their transition to campus, their major, and participation in Village life. Additionally, participation in the Takeover during the month of May quickly connects the incoming cohort of Village members with one another, so they can begin learning each other's’ names and faces in preparation for move-in in August. A secondary goal of the program is to showcase positive social media usage and presence in the collegiate setting for incoming first-year student leaders. As our Village focuses on embodying a relational model of leadership grounded in ethical decision making, it is imperative that students connect their physical leadership journey with their digital presence as well. The Takeover provides a template for how incoming students should model social media.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The Takeover has demonstrated critical positive and lasting effects in the month of May: connecting multiple years of program participants, modeling positive social media presence, and introducing transition resources available for first-year students. First, by highlighting the profiles and insights from the students who most recently completed Village participation, incoming new students are able to build digital bridges with peers, both fellow new students as well as a cohort of second-year students, even before their arrival on campus! Additionally, by engaging positively on social media, incoming student are also practicing responsible social media usage, which is an increasingly relevant concern for campus conduct. In addition to linking the two years of Village members through constructive social media interaction, the Takeover allows incoming first-year students to get a glimpse of potential opportunities for involvement and engagement on campus as early as May. As returners taking over the account highlight their leadership roles and campus organizations, incoming first-year Villagers are receiving early exposure to campus resources such as New Student Programs, student organizations like the Inter-Residence Council, and local area groups including faith communities. Prior to arrival in August, the Takeover has had positive effects during May for incoming ILV first-year students.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Overall, the program has already been incredibly successful! The first major success is the variety of content volunteers have shared during the month of May. While we have only seen six different volunteer takeovers, each volunteer has been able to highlight a different aspect of Relational Leadership that impacted their experience within the Village, and each volunteer has also showcased a wide variety of summer involvement and plans. The second major success is connecting incoming Village members with the 2017-2018 Villagers. The number of interactions on each Takeover post demonstrate the success of digitally interconnecting these two groups. Our last volunteer, for example, gained 3 new student followers and had an average of 29 interactions on each post, including a mix of incoming and outgoing Villagers. There are a few key considerations for program improvement, but the major concern is transfer of the account from one volunteer to the next. Each volunteer is supposed to receive their own, updated password from the program Director, so no one else can post during their time frame. However, some volunteers do not complete their final post before needing to reset the password for the next person, which slows down the turnover process.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

Other campuses and groups can easily adapt this program, especially given that our Takeover is an adaptation of both geographical and campus-inspired projects. While our program focuses on introducing incoming students to previous Village members over the summer, an Instagram takeover can also be effective during the academic year. For example, a specific residential building might develop a collaborative account to highlight the academic-year experience of residents in their given location, which may help demonstrate the benefits and communities available to prospective students in novel ways. Through utilization of regional networks, regional or national adaptation would also be a unique, exciting way to showcase the variety of residential leadership initiatives taking place on campus, state, regional, and national levels. Network adaptation would allow representatives from residential leadership bodies to connect throughout the year, gain insight from peer leaders, and collaborate across geographic boundaries. For example, a regional Takeover across the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls could highlight programs and leaders as far as as Florida to Virginia to the Bahamas, and a takeover program through the National Association of College and University Residence Halls would have an even wider impact!

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