Month: June 2018


Social Program of the Month
S’mores Bar

School: Morehead State University Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Clay LaBreche, Taylor Brogan, Jacob Bingham Nominator: John Michael Haky

Target Population: 40 Time Needed to Organize: 1 week
Number of People in Attendance: 50 Date(s) of Program: 7/28/2018
Number of People Needed to Organize: 3 Cost of Program: $20.00
On-Campus Population: 10654 Chapter Size: 1

Origin of Program:

The Eagle Success Academy is a summer program for incoming Morehead State students that are classified as “conditionally admitted” to Morehead State, meaning that they are required to complete some academic requirements before being officially admitted to Morehead State for the Fall semester. These students reside in a residence hall during their 5-week program along with other Morehead State students staying on campus during the summer to help them acclimate to the Morehead State campus. Summer Community Assistants assist with the implementation of the Eagle Success Academy, in addition to supporting other Morehead State summer students, by helping the Academy students develop social skills and a sense of community in the residence hall. This program, which occurred the day following Academy student move-in, was the Community Assistants’ way of getting to know the Academy students and allowing students to get to know one another in a unique and relaxed environment.

Word Count: 150

Please give a short description of the program:

The Community Assistants started planning the program a couple weeks in advance in order to coordinate activities with the Eagle Success Academy schedule. Knowing that they would want an activity that could be fun, relaxing, and encourage students in interact with one another all at the same time, they identified the s’mores bar as a great way to accomplish those goals. The Morehead State student activities office owns a s’mores bar that had been used at other campus activities, and with several of the Community Assistants having previously attended those activities, they identified it as a great possibility. Luckily, the Morehead State student activities was very open to loan the Community Assistants the s’mores bar materials, and the remaining needed materials were able to be purchased through Housing Office and Eagle Success Academy funding.

The program itself took place in the courtyard just outside the entrance to the residence hall. Due to the residence hall’s design where it surrounds the courtyard on three sides and stepped orchestra-style design of the courtyard, the area is a natural gathering place for students who are both residents of the hall and those just needing a place to rest as they pass by. The Community Assistants were able to pick up the s’mores bar and required materials earlier in the day, allowing them to make sure everything was set up hours in advance. With the bar set up, a Community Assistant sitting at the desk was able to answer questions about the materials set up outside the hall that residents asked as they entered the hall, which allowed for the Community Assistant to further hype the event to students (beyond the fliers that been posted around the hall).

Despite the threat of rain for most of the day, the weather held out and the Community Assistants were able go ahead with the program as planned. The program was scheduled for 8PM, right after study hall for the Academy students had ended. With the coals in the s’mores bar hot and the scent of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in the warm night air, over 50 residents of the residence hall made their way to the courtyard to partake in some delicious treats and some great company. With the Community Assistants making sure everything was working correctly and facilitating interactions among the residents, everyone had a great time amongst new found friends.

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Goals of the program:

Creating and roasting s’mores is a communal activity; the common image of roasting s’mores is a group sitting around a campfire having a casual conversation while roasting the s’more’s ingredients over an open fire. The goal of this program was to re- create that kind of feel and atmosphere for a group of students who had only been on the Morehead State campus for less than 48- hours (at the time of the program). By facilitating a community activity like roasting s’mores, the Community Assistant staff could draw students into an environment where they could create something tasty, relax after their first day of Eagle Success Academy activities, and get to know their fellow students through casual conversation. The overall end goal was to help the students build positive relationships with other students that could last throughout the Academy and into the academic year, thus creating the likelihood of a positive experience for all those involved.

Word Count: 154

Positive and lasting effects of the program:

With this program being so well attended and successful at such an early stage in the Eagle Success Academy schedule, it allowed students to quickly develop relationships with other students that would last throughout the 5-week Academy program and beyond. One of the most important elements of a successful residence hall experience is being comfortable in and around the residence hall, including the people living around someone. In addition, the program set the stage for students to learn how to balance academic commitments with personal time. The program took place on the first full day of the Academy program, and after a long day of sessions, the program provided a way to relax in a loosely structured environment. Learning how to balance work and play will be an integral skill for students learn early to avoid stress and burn-out while in college.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The program was much more successful than anticipated. Not only did the Community Assistant staff have a strong attendance from the Eagle Success Academy participants, they also were able to get other Morehead State students staying in the residence hall for the summer to attend. As a result, the Academy students had a great time interacting with and getting to know their other Academy students, and also had the opportunity to meet and connect with upper-class Morehead State students. After their first full- day of Academy activities, the Academy students greatly appreciated the chance to relax and have fun, and it set the stage for other activities to come later.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

With the right resources, a program like this could easily be adapted to any environment. Since the Morehead State student activities office had the materials for a s’mores bar, the Housing Office only needed to provide the disposable materials for the program, such as food, which when bought in large quantities was relatively cheap. If a campus lacks such easily accessible materials, any activity that naturally facilitates interaction and/or engagement could be substituted. Roasting s’mores around a campfire is traditionally a communal activity, which translated well to creating the desired environment of wanting students to interact with one another. As a result, any type of activity that naturally includes individuals coming together could be organized and could be successful with the right materials for the right population.

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