Month: August 2018


Community Service Program of the Month
6th Annual LLC Day of Service

School: Missouri State University Region: MACURH
Person in charge: Katie Colip Nominator: Kelly Adams

Target Population: Time Needed to Organize: 3 months
Number of People in Attendance: Date(s) of Program: 8/17/18
Number of People Needed to Organize: Cost of Program:
On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Origin of Program:

The Living-Learning Community Day of Service was implemented at Missouri State in Fall 2013. The history of the program goes back to a conversation held between a student and their guardian. The conversation centered around the student's nervousness related to moving in to Missouri State. The student was questioning their involvement in the LLC opportunity and how they would spend their time around move in because they were worried they would not have any ways to spend their time. Overhearing the conversation, a Coordinator figured there were likely other students experiencing the same uncomfortable feelings. To help overcome this issue, the LLC Day of Service was meant to provide residents with a meaningful opening event. Residents are able to spend hours serving at different local, non-profit organizations who are selected as service sites. With thanks to the LLC coordinators, this program celebrated its sixth year this fall!

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Please give a short description of the program:

As a student living in a Living Learning Community at Missouri State, they are given the opportunity to move into their housing one day early. There are a couple socials provided to LLC students that weekend to help them get acquainted to the university and to help them meet new friends. The LLC Day of Service is another one of the opportunities provided to these residents. Residents living on LLCs are sent an email that allow them to sign up to volunteer at local, non-profit organizations of their choosing with other Missouri State LLC students. The LLC Day of Service helps kick off Welcome Weekend for the students as it is held the day after LLC early move-in. This ensures that residents in these communities can quickly get engaged with new friends and the Springfield community they could be living in for the next four years. Some of the service sites that students volunteered at this year were Springfield Campus Gardens, Ozarks Food Harvest, Ronald McDonald House, and a handful of others. At each site, the students were provided with a variety of tasks to help out their non-profit organization.

On the day of service, all the students volunteering met at a location on campus to collect their t-shirt for volunteering and to meet the group they'd be volunteering with that day. Then, they all traveled together to the site where they would serve for a few hours. After they completed their service, they all traveled back together and then joined in on a group reflection of what they did that day. The reflection made students take a step back and see how the work they did positively affected others. The reflection had them consider things such as what they learned about themselves as a result of their service and how the service helped them understand the Public Affairs Mission at the University. The information provided on the anonymous feedback slips would be held and reviewed by staff to make the next year's Day of Service even more impactful.

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Goals of the program:

Some of the goals of the program are to help LLC students build positive relationships with each other, help students feel connected to the Springfield community by volunteering with a local organization, better understand the university's public affairs mission, feel the satisfaction of knowing they did something that positively affects others in the community, use self-reflection to see the difference each student can make with just a few hours of their time, and to help residents find organizations that they can continue to volunteer with during the school year. The LLC Day of Service is an excellent way to introduce the students to the three pillars of the University: Ethical leadership, Cultural Competence, and Community Engagement. Through their experience volunteering, the students open their minds to their cultural surroundings, learn how to be a leader in the community, and realize some of the ways that they can be an active participant in their community.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

The program benefits both the partnering organizations and the students. The service sites for the LLC Day of Service are often revisited by the volunteers later in the year. As an RA who led one service group, I overheard some of the girls talk about coming back to volunteer at our site again in the future. I know personally that I plan on coming back and bringing my floor with me as well. The partnering organizations are very vocal about their appreciation for all the volunteers' time and make the volunteers feel like they have made a huge impact. As a result, it's likely that they've recruited some more volunteers.

As for the students, the program helps them navigate their new community and helps them find ways to make a meaningful impact throughout the year. As discussed in the reflection portion of the Day of Service, students talk about societal issues that are present in the Springfield community such as poverty, sustainability and food insecurity and see how they can each make an impact on these issues.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The LLC Day of Service was a successful program that was attending by mostly all first-year students at Missouri State University. The Day of Service helped these students connect with each other while they volunteered and also helped connect students with organizations in their local community. For an opening weekend activity, the day of service helped gets students immediately engaged in a meaningful activity after moving onto campus. The event is carefully created to help residents learn about the public affairs mission at the university and put it into action. At the reflection after volunteering, many shared that they had learned more about issues in the Springfield community and had learned about ways that they could help address those issues. Overall, participants left the experience with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program could easily be adapted to other campuses. Every community has a need for some type of help, and it is easy to get residents engaged in volunteering for one or more of these causes. The program works well as an opening event because it connects the resident to their new community immediately upon arrival at the university. Ideally, the program could keep expanding in size and be able to be offered to the entirety of the on-campus student population as interest to volunteer keeps growing. As long as a campus can find organizations that will accept new volunteers, this program could easily take place anywhere.

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