Month: September 2018


Diversity Program of the Month
Loyd in the Lane

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Person in charge: Ryan Callie Nominator: Ryan Callie and Jay Kuehler

Target Population: 100 Time Needed to Organize: 2 months
Number of People in Attendance: 85 Date(s) of Program: September 30, 2018
Number of People Needed to Organize: 12 Cost of Program: $750
On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 34

Origin of Program:

Loyd in the Lane grew out of a series of TEDxSMU events hosted inside Loyd Residential Commons. The events are intended to spark thoughtful conversations and to expose residents of Loyd to new and different ideas. Loyd in the Lane is Loyd’s large TEDxSMU event held each semester. Loyd in the Lane will include four to five speakers and will take place in the breezeway of Loyd Commons, known as “Penny Lane.” This setting provides an intimate atmosphere and brings the event outside, opening it up to all SMU students, faculty and staff.

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Please give a short description of the program:

Loyd in the Lane is a TEDx event where students, staff, and faculty come together to share their life experiences and outlooks through TED Talks. The event takes place bi-annually, in the Loyd Archway, “Penny Lane,” and is intended to spark thoughtful conversations and to expose residents of Loyd to new and different ideas.

The afternoon began by setting up the archway in a beautiful way - - lights are strung between the lamp posts, a stage is set up, giveaways are set on chairs, and a delicious spread of food is made available. Guests began arriving a little before 6 and the space immediately livened up. By 6:20, guests took their seats and the talks commenced. The speakers presented their stories all around the theme of the night, “The Essence of a Changing World.” The theme was created to spark new conversations. The description was as follows:

Almost nothing is fixed or constant in nature; our bodies, our surroundings, and the air we breathe are made up of chemical compounds that are always changing, renewing, building up, and breaking down. We live in a “world of shifting, slipping reality, where it sometimes seems that our identity is just a part of a database that one computer error could erase, or where city streets and national boundaries change their shape every year.”

The five talks were: "Lost in a World of Change," "Mathematical Equations Encourage Change," "There are No Backseat Drivers in Allyship," "Servant Leadership: What's Been Lacking All Along," and "Crazy Mixed Asian." The speakers came from different areas of campus including the Dean of Students, Women and LGBT Center, Office of Social Change & Intercultural Engagement, and even the Student Body President.

As attendees came to the event, they were able to get appetizers and mingle with the speakers and each other. Giveaways were created to commemorate the event.

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Goals of the program:

Loyd in the Lane is put on to spark conversations in our students, faculty and staff. We hope that each talk challenges each attendant’s perspective, and in the end causes them to view life in a slightly different way. In addition, we are hoping to educate students about social justice -- what it is and how it applies to their time at SMU. Social justice is a concept that has been shunned in the past because it has been seen as a one-sided political issue, but this is not the case. Social justice is an issue that problem that everyone should care about and this event introduces students to it if they have not been already.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Loyd in the Lane was intended to be thought provoking and inspirational. This semester's theme of “The Essence of a Changing World” was design to not only spark interest in social justice, but change the way people think about one another and move people to take action in their lives.

This theme presented speakers and listeners with a different opportunity. We do not often talk about change, let alone create a space where we can talk about social justice only. In addition, the theming promoted a positive image of the commons; people from outside of Loyd were able to see the continued effort of Loyd Commons to promote conversations in our students.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Loyd in the Lane was very successful, all of the speakers did very well and delivered great talks about social justice.The overall topic was “the Essence of a Changing World”, and lots of out first year residents loved the topics. They were able to make several connections from some classes they are currently taking. Some residents came up at the end of the event and wanted to help plan the next event in the spring. Judging by what the attendees said leaving the program, everyone had a great time and left seeing the world through a different lense. To make the event better would like to extend the application process to people in the community. This will give an even broader perspective on any given topic.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

Loyd in the Lane could be very easily adapted to any other University. Even if the university is not affiliated with TEDx they can still host an event very similar to Loyd in the Lane. They could send out speaker requests and applications to campus leaders to get speakers for the event. Just like Loyd they could find a spot on campus to set up a small stage and PA system in a public area with lots of foot traffic to have the event. Having useful giveaways, such as notebooks for all the attendees, can create incentives for attendants. It is not necessary for the event, but is very nice because it allows them take notes and pay more attention during the event.

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