Month: October 2018


Diversity Program of the Month
Taste the Rainbow

School: SUNY Buffalo Region: NEACURH
Person in charge: Dan, Elaine, and Luci Nominator: Terrence Glaspy

Target Population: 50 Time Needed to Organize: One Week
Number of People in Attendance: 50 Date(s) of Program: October 9-10, 2018
Number of People Needed to Organize: 3 Cost of Program: $15
On-Campus Population: 7963 Chapter Size: 22

Origin of Program:

Every month, Resident Advisors are required to put on a program for their community down in the lobby of their respective residence hall. For the month of October, Clement Hall Resident Advisors Dan, Elaine, and Luci were tasked with the topic of "ASPECTS OF IDENTITY" for their program.

For the three Resident Advisors' program, they created something called "TASTE THE RAINBOW". Since the Resident Advisors wanted to create something that was visually appealing that could be hung up, they created this program to look like a big rainbow in the Clement Hall Lobby.

TASTE THE RAINBOW had several portions of the program, and each part focused on ensuring that residents were well versed in talking about where they come from. The program could be about any part of residents' identities, and the three Resident Advisors decided to focus on different layers of what that actually means.

Since residents are sometimes not comfortable talking about their own identity, this was a great opportunity for residents to break out of their own comfort zones and be their true selves for the program. This program was a great twist on typical conversations related to identity and diversity, and that was really nice seeing.

Word Count: 200

Please give a short description of the program:

Elaine, Luci, and Dan held TASTE THE RAINBOW in the Clement Hall Lobby on both nights in October. For the program, they would bring residents over to their tables and ask if they wanted a free Popsicle. Once a resident would grab a Popsicle, they would open it in front of the three resident advisors. The following flavors and colors were: yellow (banana), green (green apple), red (strawberry), and blue (blue raspberry).

Luci, Dan, and Elaine explained that depending on the color that the resident got, they would be prompted with the following:

YELLOW - Something you're proud of, or an accomplishment of yours.

Residents wrote things like -- I am proud of getting into college. I am proud of the work that I have done so far this semester. An accomplishment of mine was getting a job after looking for an entire month.

GREEN - A goal of yours Residents wrote things like -- Become the president of a university. Get a 4.0 GPA. Manage to get 8 full hours of sleep a night.

RED - Someplace or something that you come from Residents wrote things like -- I come from New York City. I am from Georgia. I come from a single-parent household.

BLUE - Something that you believe in Residents wrote things like -- I believe in God. I believe in myself. I believe in the good in people.

Once the resident read they prompt, they were given the specific color sheet of paper and a marker to write with. Despite there being prompts, the residents were able to be as creative as they wanted with what they had.

After the program ended, Dan, Elaine, and Luci put up the colors to form a large rainbow in Clement Hall Lobby. This was a nice thing to see as you passed by the lobby, especially since it included a lot of different responses from residents living on South Campus.

TASTE THE RAINBOW was really impressive, and it was evident that Luci, Dan, and Elaine put a lot of work and thought into the program. It was awesome seeing the rainbow hung up in Clement Hall for the duration of the program; I believe programs like these make our residence halls even more special. For these reasons and more, I am happy to nominate TASTE THE RAINBOW for Diversity Program of the month, for the month of October.

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Goals of the program:

There were a lot of great goals that came with TASTE THE RAINBOW:

Dan, Luci, and Elaine wanted to create a program focused on diversity, but have it look at various identities that are outside of just race and gender.

The three Resident Advisors wanted to create a program about aspects of identity that actually had the residents think hard about where they come from and who they are.

Luci, Dan, and Elaine wanted to have this program as a way to make Clement Hall lobby look visually better than it currently was. If residents are doing interactive programs like this, more art work can definitely go up to brighten up the walls of our buildings.

Dan, Elaine, and Luci wanted to use this program as a way to get to know the people living in Clement Hall. So, instead of just asking them where they are from or what they identity as, they asked more deeper questions that allowed for the residents to think.

Residents were given the opportunity to get to know themselves as they were filling out each prompt that they were given. If they were asked something about their identity, they could really think about it.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

There were many positive and lasting effects from TASTE THE RAINBOW:

A positive effect from this program is that Clement Hall lobby continues looking great because of a program like this. As people are walking throughout the lobby, one of the first things that they will see is the large rainbow. I think something like this is important and necessary because it is very welcoming for the residents.

Residents were able to think deeper about their identity, where they come from, and some of the goals that they are trying to reach. This can be inspiring for residents because they can now continue their undergraduate career thinking about the different identities that intersect in their lives.

Diversity programs like this should definitely be done more often. I think another lasting effect is that if other paraprofessionals are interested in doing a program that centers on identity, they can think about the deeper meaning behind diversity and identities.

This program can definitely be displayed up for the remainder of the semester. If residents are interested in "TASTE THE RAINBOW", they could possibly ask questions about it and see if another could be done, especially if they feel more motivated from this.

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Short evaluation of the program:

TASTE THE RAINBOW was a big success:

The rainbow was nice to see in Clement Hall. I thought it was a nice addition to the lobby and it really was aesthetically pleasing. The bright colors with yellow, red, green, and blue really drew a lot of residents over to see what the bulletin board was.

The Popsicle idea was a great addition to the program. Instead of doing something like pizza, they really thought outside of the box and creating this.

I enjoyed seeing residents participate during the program. While it can sometimes be very difficult talking about our own identities and where we come from, the prompts made it easier for residents to be intentional about their answers.

I was happy with the outcome of the color relating to a specific prompt. Instead of having residents pick and choose what they responded to, they were tasked with responding to a specific question.

Instead of just getting surface level responses, TASTE THE RAINBOW allowed for a diverse group of responses on many of the prompts. I am happy to see that it was more of a free-for-all in terms of what could and could not be said on the responses.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

TASTE THE RAINBOW can definitely be adapted to other campuses:

The program can be adapted from other campuses because of the low cost of it. The rainbow and prompts were created from sheets that were found in the resource room. The only amount of money that was spent was on the Popsicles. So, if other campuses want to do something like this, they can definitely spend even more money to get more residents involved.

TASTE THE RAINBOW can be featured during a week long event of programming that is centered on identity. If other campuses wanted to inform residents about diversity and a deeper meaning of it, they could definitely do something similar to this program.

Other campuses could give out different things, it does not just have to be Popsicles. If there are specific candies that have one set color, they can do that for prompts as well. This program was a success because the residents enjoyed that Popsicles were being offered to them at the beginning of it.

While this program took place in a residence hall lobby, other campuses can do something in a larger space to get even more attention from all of their students on-campus.

Word Count: 200

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