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Educational Program of the Month
"Puppy Love to Doggy Style: Fun Twist on Sex Ed"

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Person in charge: Torrance Teng and Madalyn Rogers Nominator: Madalyn Rogers

Target Population: 1000 Time Needed to Organize: 5 weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 100 Date(s) of Program: 11-10-18
Number of People Needed to Organize: 9 Cost of Program: $800
On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 47

Origin of Program:

With cuffing season, November 1st - February 15th, in full effect and new residents settling into their new environment, we took this Large Scale Program opportunity to make sure residents had a chance to learn about the different aspects of being a responsible, sexually active adult. College features a newfound sense of freedom, and the object of this program is to channel some of this freedom into responsible freedom. It is not safe to assume that everyone has received the same level of sexual health education, because each person has their own levels of exposure to the topic. This program aimed to encompass a variety of topics that hopefully anyone at any level of sexual education could find useful. We wanted to test the limits of conventional high school sexual education programs and take the information provided to the next level for students to gain the most they could at this program.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The program began with a Sign-In Booth and a sign that outlined the program in terms of the Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk booths. The booths in order were the STI and Condom Roses Booth where students were able to use craft supplies to construct bracelets, crowns, and flowers out of Trojan condoms. The STI test component of the booth was that each attendee received a cup filled with water that had or did not have baking soda that altered the PH of the water in their cup. Students were instructed to pour the contents of their cup into other cups, to signify having “unprotected sex” with other people. At the end of the program, they were told to go to the STI Booth to get a drop of PH Indicator that would turn the water with baking soda into a pink shade. This would indicate that they tested positive for an STI and they received an educational debrief on different types of STIs and where to go to get tested. A Consent Booth allowed students to watch an informative video on consent and choose from a variety of real-life scenarios to discuss and debrief on whether the situation was consent or not. A masturbation booth that taught about the physical benefits and drawbacks as well as psychological implications of masturbation. A Pornography Booth talked about four sections of the adult film industry including social, technological, pros, cons, and social stigma. CARE @ Sexual Assault Resource Center came to set up a booth to talk about healthy relationships to cover more elements of the 8 aspects of wellness we tried to incorporate into the entirety of the program. Sex Geekdom boothed to talk about sexual philosophies, sex toys, kinks and other fun trivia about relevant statistics. Sex Health Advocates talked about basics of sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, protection, and how to talk to partners about safer sex through a variety of collaborative activities. Passive myths and facts about various aspects of sex were posted on the interior of the building the second half of the program was held in. A Sexualities Booth and photobooth combined into one incorporated simultaneously teaching and celebrating different types of sexualities and taking cute, memorable pictures. Food was provided to residents who attended at least 5 of the 8 optional booths and were served hot dogs and ice cream in fun phallic shapes.

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Goals of the program:

The main goals were to destigmatize sex and sexuality in general. From the condom roses to the confetti decorations we placed on each booth, we wanted to immerse the entire program in everything sex to make it a common thing in the program to make people feel more comfortable with it. We wanted to destigmatize how society looks at STI testing, so we made each participant do the mock trial of “having sex” and “getting tested” with other people. We wanted to encourage open conversation about “taboo” topics that they most likely would not think to look up on their own, or to debunk myths that they may have just accepted as common knowledge even though things they may hear may not be true. On a college campus, one in four women and one in twenty men on average, experience sexual assault. So we wanted to educate people that attended our event on the many faces of consent and the lack thereof. We aimed to educate people on safe sex and preventative measures, and create an open and safe environment to learn about topics they may not have ever been exposed to prior to this event.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

In the evaluation surveys students filled out after the program, students categorized the event as very valuable and was also said it contributed to a significant increase in knowledge for them. One resident said, “Very informational session, where I heard and learned things I haven’t known before.” and another said, “It’s good to have sexual education in an appealing/fun way, especially in college.” Students were able to take away valuable knowledge that they will be able to apply to any sexual situation in their future. They should have been able to take away things they learned contraceptive methods and preventative methods to avoid STI contraction that will also benefit them in the future. They should have had some exposure to the identity aspect of sexuality, and empowerment in that sector. Even for the students that may have identified as asexual or that abstain from sexual activity until marriage gave positive feedback that they were able to learn things about STIs and healthy relationship tips that were relevant and useful to them. All students should have been able to take away a few things that are ageless in their application to the sexual realm of college life and beyond.

Word Count: 198

Short evaluation of the program:

The set up for the program was very successful, although a few finishing touches were out up a few minutes after residents had signed into the event, this did not hinder the flow of people coming in or their experience. Another success was how well the execution of the activities, and booths was in terms of creating enough space for residents to gather around the tables and easily access, see, and hear the information. The method and completion of the passports attendees were handed to keep track of the booths they went to was also an integral part in the success of how the program was able to function so smoothly. This incentivised residents to attend different booths at different times in order to not overwhelm any booth or cause residents to have to wait for a booth to open up. The food was also a success, students filled out the surveys to evaluate the program while they ate, and I think this was a perfect combination. We played fun, slightly suggestive, but not explicit songs that have likely been heard on the radio to tie into the comfortable, but nonetheless sexual atmosphere that hopefully drew students into the event.

Word Count: 200

How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program successfully utilized and combined multiple campus resources into a fun and memorable event. Any campus could incorporate their own campus resources to form a program that resembles this one. The same goals and messages can be achieved and communicated with the same fundamental elements of this program. The theme can also be changed into various things that would be just as interactive and memorable to students. As long as the program covers a variety of topics that aren’t necessarily talked about in your average high school sexual education classroom setting, and instead addresses relevant topics for college students, the theme can be changed to a number of cute and relevant sexual puns. This is what makes the program so fantastic, because the main objective is the collective efforts of campus resources spreading awareness among the students, and this can be successfully executed in many creative and enjoyable ways.

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