Month: November 2018


Social Program of the Month
Gobble Til You Wobble

School: University of West Florida Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Lauren Morrison Nominator: Jade Jacobs

Target Population: 50 Time Needed to Organize: 2 Weeks
Number of People in Attendance: 40 Date(s) of Program: 11/22/2018
Number of People Needed to Organize: 5 Cost of Program: $400
On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 9

Origin of Program:

Each November for the Thanksgiving holiday, the University of West Florida closes its campus from Thursday through Sunday. While this allows for students and faculty to have time off to spend with their families over the holiday weekend, this closing also encompasses the on-campus dining options. The Department of Housing and Residence in conjunction with RHA and NRHH recognized that this closure would affect the members of our on-campus community who choose not to go home or are unable to due to being international, out-of-state, or were working during the holiday. Thanksgiving 2018 marks the 3rd annual tradition of the RHA sponsored event "Gobble Til You Wobble" in which members of RHA and various housing members team up to provide a warm Thanksgiving meal to those who stay on campus during the holiday. The holiday season is a time for giving back to the community, and providing a warm meal to residents is the least we could do.

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Please give a short description of the program:

Gobble Til You Wobble is a two hour long event with many days of behind-the- scenes prep work. Two weeks prior to the event, a proposal was submitted to RHA to approve the budget of this years iteration of the program. In the days leading up to the event, our Graduate Programming Assistant / RHA&NRHH Adviser Lauren Morrison reserved the multipurpose room of one of our residence halls as well as submitted the order for the meal to the Fresh Market.

On the day of the event, Lauren and I picked up the meal supplies and food around 10 am and began to prepare the turkey, ham, and various sides to ensure they would all be ready in time for the 6 pm dinner. During our initial preparation, we noticed that there may not be enough food to feed the 50 people expected at the event. Although the budget for the program had already been spent, Graduate Assistant Shawnee took to the store and personally purchased an additional five pounds of potatoes to ensure that there would be enough to go around. Graduate Assistant Lauren also made a personal contribution of extra vegetables for the feast.

At the start of the event, student staff members and residents from buildings across campus and even a few from off campus arrived, elated to see the tables of food laid out before them. It truly was a meal worthy of even Gordon Ramsey's praise. Many remarked that they hadn't had a truly home cooked meal in weeks and new connections were built between residents who otherwise may not have reason to cross paths. Some residents even chose to hang around after the meal to converse with newly formed friends and offered to help the staff as we began to clean.

The spirit of Thanksgiving is in being grateful for what you have, and giving what you can. As a staff member myself who for the fourth year was unable to go home for this holiday, I could think of no better way to spend it than providing a family environment for the residents of my campus. Knowing that these students were able to return to their respective halls with happy hearts and full stomachs made this Gobble Til You Wobble a November to remember.

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Goals of the program:

Gobble Til You Wobble is intended to provide a family atmosphere and warm, home-cooked meal to residents who are unable to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday. With the dining centers on campus being closed for the break, many residents who do not have a personal means of transportation are unable to access fresh food for the Thursday through Sunday that the university is closed. To help alleviate some of the concern over meals as well as the homesickness that typically comes with holidays away from home, UWF Housing, RHA, and NRHH join together to provide an event catered specifically to this affected population. This event allows for the campus community to join together in holiday spirit and share a meal with friends new and old to turn what could be a very lonely and homesick day into one of warmth and joy.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Countless attendees remarked that they were delighted to have a meal provided for them on Thanksgiving. One resident in particular's family was heavily impacted by hurricane Michael and his family was financially unable to come together this year. He stated that this program was a way for him to be reminded of what he is thankful for amidst the difficult times that his family has faced this year. Another resident and I bonded over being from across the country and the limited time and cost of travel keep us from returning home for the Thanksgiving break. It was her fist time not being home for Thanksgiving so she was very grateful to have a meal and a friend to talk to who could relate to her being so far from her family. This event also serves as a "thank you" to all of our resident assistant who volunteer to stay on campus and remain on duty for the holiday. This whole housing family was able to come together and share in the warmth and joy of Thanksgiving from our own university.

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Short evaluation of the program:

This year's Gobble Til You Wobble has had the most successful turn out yet with both first time and returning residents in attendance. Advertisement was done via flier and email campaign as well as spread by word-of-mouth via our housing student staff members. Many staff member encouraged their residents to join them at the event and this greatly contributed to its success. The meal included vegetarian options to ensure that all residents were considered and had a hearty meal to fill them up. All in all the event went very smoothly and the residents were very pleased with the meal. Next year we plan on potentially getting an extra side so as to not be finding a way to make extra food the day of.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program is easily adapted to any campus regardless of the size of their on campus population. All campuses have a population of residents who are unable to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday and may not have the means or knowledge to cook a Thanksgiving meal for themselves. UWF caters a fully cooked meal to reduce cooking time and thus only needing to heat the dishes to the appropriate temperatures, which can be easily done by any university near a whole foods store that caters Thanksgiving meals. For the size of the expected attendance, UWF chose to purchase two deluxe meals along with pies and a vegetable lasagna; however, the amount of food could be adjusted based on the expected turn out on various campus sizes. UWF utilized our multi-purpose room of a residence hall but could have easily reserved another location on campus, again dependent on the size of the expected attendance as well as access to a kitchen to heat the meal.

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