Month: February 2019


Passive Program of the Month
Crazy in Love: Black HerStory

School: Washington University in St. Louis Region: MACURH
Person in charge: Ashley Williams Nominator: Anonymous Admirer

Target Population: 14 Time Needed to Organize: 3 hours
Number of People in Attendance: 14 Date(s) of Program: February 2019
Number of People Needed to Organize: 1 Cost of Program: $0.00
On-Campus Population: 5100 Chapter Size: 29

Origin of Program:

A new tradition has formed this year in our RHA office at Washington University in St. Louis. Every month, the RHA advisor has created a new bulletin board dedicated to educating RHA students about an issue or working to develop them in a positive way to be better leaders and students. Previous bulletin boards this year have been "Know Each Other by Name and Story", "Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help", "Self-Care Bingo", and "Goals are Explosive Fun". These programs have been lauded by the MACURH regional OTM committee and NACURH OTM committee several times this year, but what is more important is the praise from the students who engage with and learn from the bulletin boards.

This month, there was a slight deviation from the norm of this new tradition. Instead of the main RHA advisor making the bulletin board, the Graduate Advisor asked to take on the task instead. In honor of Black History Month she wanted to do a bulletin board dedicated to Black History in some way and wanted to focus on black women specifically. In working with the RHA advisor, this bulletin board emerged, one with a passive and educational element.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The bulletin board is designed to be entirely educational and give knowledge to the students of the WashU RHA about famous black women in history. To best track the growth in knowledge, an anonymous survey went out to all the students before the bulletin board went up to measure their preliminary knowledge, then on Feb. 1st the bulletin board went up in the office with all the questions and answers.

The questions that were asked were:

She is an American revolutionary, Former Black Panther member, and author of Women, Race, & Class She is one of the 3 Black women that started BLM

She is was the first black women to graduate from Columbia law school the founder of National Organization of Women and co- founded the feminist party of 1971

She founded Lewis Business college and co-founded Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Inc with her blood sister. She escaped slavery with her infant child and gave the famous speech “Ain’t I a women”

She is a poet and most famously know for her poem “Still I Rise”

She became the first black congresswoman and first major black presidential candidate

She is the first black women to hold the No.1 Rank in tennis

First Black Women to win an Oscar for Best Actress

She Directed Selma, is the first black women to be nominated for the golden globe Best Director

She is the First Black Disney Princess

She is the First African American women to become principle dancer with the American Ballet Theatre

She is graduate Princeton and Harvard, is a community activist, has an award winning book “Becoming”, and is married to a former president of the United States

She is the youngest executive producer in Hollywood and is is featured on the ground breaking show “Black-ish"

First woman gymnast to win three consecutive World all-around titles

She is a multi-platinum, Grammy winning musical icon, mommy of 3 and feminist.

The bulletin board then had each question above on an envelope with a photo of the famous woman above it. Inside each envelope was the name of the woman along with more biographical information.

At the end of the month a post-test was sent out to compare the knowledge and track growth.

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Goals of the program:

In the email that was sent out to all the RHA Executive Board members at the beginning of the month, the Graduate Advisor who created the bulletin board included her goal for the program. Her primary goal can be seen below:

"My goal for this month is to have you learn about Famous Black women of history in honor of Black History Month. If there are any questions you do not know, that is okay. The ultimate goal here is to learn. (but please do not look up answers) Just simply leave that space blank. This pretest will be followed up with a post- test at the end of the month. In the month of February you will have the opportunity to learn about Black History through an interactive bulletin board in the CS40 office."

Additionally, a goal of this passive program was to continue a tradition of using the bulletin board in the RHA office, a bulletin board that once set empty. By offering new passive programs each month to the students we, as advisors, can help offer additional learning and development in a passive manner.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

- Seeing a student learn something new is a profound sight, and being able to witness this several times throughout the past month with this bulletin board has been incredible. I have walked past the office numerous times and seen students looking at the envelopes, and learning new things. The data collected also backs up that learning did occur. Students learned about black women and this will hopefully spark further learning.

- Representation is important, and seeing a bulletin board with famous, powerful, and successful people, who look like you, can have a profound impact. With seven of the 14 members of the board being women of color and 3 of the 5 elected executives being black women, this bulletin board will undoubtedly have a positive effect for them.

- One incredible and positive outcome of the program that is not entirely related to the topic is that the students and the Graduate Advisors saw someone else do the bulletin board, showing that anyone can share knowledge in a passive way. This trend has already caught on with the other Graduate Advisor taking on the March bulletin board.

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Short evaluation of the program:

The success of the program can be both Qualitatively and Quantitatively.

Qualitatively - the program was a success in bringing recognition to black women and inspiring women of color in our RHA. Not only was this seen by walking past the office and seeing students looking at the board, but through the following text from the RHA President:

"I appreciated that we focused on black women's history which isn't talked about a lot. We often hear the same stories about the same men, even though they absolutely deserve recognition, it gets to the points when we wipe away the stories of the women who were doing the same things."

Quantitatively - results from the assessment show on average there was a 56% increase in correct responses. See table below:


















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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This advisor bulletin board could be easily adapted to other campuses in a variety of ways. For RHAs with their own office space with a bulletin board, advisors can just ask to use it on a monthly basis and update accordingly, or work with graduate advisors or student leaders and offer it to them to share an area they are passionate about.

All the questions that were listed on this email can be provided via email along with the answers if desired to help create this on another campus. Other people could also do research to discover their own questions and even incorporate some localized questions (i.e. famous black women on their campus or community).

For offices without a bulletin board, butcher paper can be hung to make a make-shift bulletin board, and then updated monthly. For those RHAs without an office space or RHAs/Campuses that wish to be more sustainable, there are a variety of virtual options. The Graduate Advisor who did this used email for the surveys and this bulletin board easily could have been made into a temporary web- page on the RHA website.

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