Month: March 2019


Social Program of the Month
Blarney Bash Carnival

School: Missouri University of Science and Technology Region: MACURH
Person in charge: Nazar Safronov Nominator: Bethany Stafford

Target Population: 2000 Time Needed to Organize: 4 months
Number of People in Attendance: 400 Date(s) of Program: March 13th
Number of People Needed to Organize: 9 Cost of Program: $6,000
On-Campus Population: 2300 Chapter Size: 23

Origin of Program:

Many towns and universities make a tradition out of celebrating certain holidays, but none quite like how Missouri S&T celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. Each year, students get a two day Spring Recess in which classes are cancelled and events celebrating the holiday take place all day and all night long. An unfortunate side of this week of celebration, is that a culture of high risk behaviors have also surfaced over the 111 years that Missouri S&T has been celebrating this. All week long there are lots of parties throughout campus and the surrounding Rolla area that cause a significant amount of undue injury to students. Because of this, RHA has made a commitment to providing alcohol free events to campus for students not wanting to take part in the party scene. These events have become a staple of what RHA is known for and because of that, it takes a lot of planning, organization, and drive to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. The biggest and most well-known event of this week is the Blarney Bash Carnival, one of RHA’s most well attended programs every year.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The Carnival is the first event of the week known as Blarney Bash. This year, we provided three large inflatables including an obstacle course, a boxing ring, and a G-Force tug-of-war basketball game. Nazar was able to secure a $500 sponsorship from our campus Late Night Funding budget ran by the Miner Wellness department to help fund the event due to it’s being alcohol free and open to all students. In addition to that, more than a dozen other organizations and departments came to man booths with games and prizes for attendees that they created and brought themselves. Students who attended could network with our Career Opportunities and Employer Relations department, the Christian Campus Fellowship organization, the Solar Car Team, Spectrum, and many more. Games included jeopardy, corn hole/bean bag toss, a humans vs zombies shooting gallery, plinko, and lots of other fun things for students to enjoy. At each booth, students could win raffle tickets to be entered into drawing for a plethora of awesome prizes. Some of these prizes included a Nintendo Switch, HTC Vive, a drone, a 3-D printer, Airpods, and lots of other really cool things. Food provided included Jimmy Johns sandwiches, chips, popcorn, sodas, snow cones, and cotton candy. Students arrived as early as 7pm, and many stayed until the end of the event at 11pm. Prize drawings were made once an hour with the largest prizes being saved for last. By the end of the night, the Carnival had record breaking attendance of over 400 people! The committee that put on the event worked tirelessly to make sure it was ran smoothly, started on time, was cleaned up quickly, and was fun for all to enjoy.

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Goals of the program:

Goals of the program included creating a successful Carnival to kick off Blarney Bash and maintain RHA’s reputation for this event, giving students an alcohol free program they could enjoy during a night of parties, and collaborating with other organizations and departments to make the event a success. Given how smoothly the event ran and the record attendance, we feel the Carnival definitely kicked off Blarney bash on a strong note and RHA’s reputation for this event is even stronger now. Since no alcohol was allowed in the building, we were able to successfully provide an alcohol free event to students. Lastly, with more than a dozen organizations and departments involved with the event, we were able to collaborate and build a relationship with these organizations who supported our mission to provide a fun and safe event to students.

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

Some of the positive and lasting effects of this program include knowing what student organizations might support us in the future, and who we can also support should they need us for any of their events. In addition to that, many students walked away having had a great time and are likely to return to more events in the future, if not to next year’s Carnival for another shot at winning the 50” TV. Lastly, and most importantly, being that this was such a large event on the first night of the St. Pats celebrations, knowing that at least 400 students weren’t out partaking in risky behaviors related to alcohol when they could have been helps us to know that we are making an impact in our campus culture when it comes to alcohol consumption. We are proud that we had such high attendance and that we were able to accommodate students looking for a safe event to attend that night.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Having advised this program for three years now, I can say this was the mostly smoothly ran Carnival in that time. The committee arrived early and had everything set up and ready to go ahead of schedule. All details such as outlets, extension cords, music, and who was doing what were figured out ahead of time. Advertising went up a week early so students had plenty of time to know about the event, and reminders went out to RAs to spread to their residents earlier the week of. If we had to pick anything that could have been better, they are all connected back to the success of the program. We ran out of food and drinks by the end of the night, the inflatables were heavily used and sometimes had a line of people waiting, the organizations that came hardly got a break from students wanting to play their games, all things that are signs of a good and well attended program.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This event could easily be adapted for other campuses. Carnivals are a very popular way to get students engaged and can be as large or as small as one would like. If a campus doesn’t have the budget that we have, they can still have a successful and fairly inexpensive event without the prizes and the inflatables. The booths were provided by the attending organizations so they were at no cost to us, and we budgeted extra money for our venue space in case we needed flooring covers ($1000 when issued). So while our budget seems large, we did not spend all of it and some of it is unique to our campus. If other campuses did want to do this program, we highly suggest they look into any organizations to come in and volunteer to run booths, departments that might be willing to sponsor, and outside areas of funding if that’s a concern for them.

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