Month: April 2019


Diversity Program of the Month
Southside Showcase

School: Colorado School of Mines Region: IACURH
Person in charge: Darenton Randall Nominator: Ambryn Fortier

Target Population: 3000 Time Needed to Organize: 2 weeks to a month
Number of People in Attendance: 80 Date(s) of Program: April 26, 2019
Number of People Needed to Organize: 7 Cost of Program: 1517.8
On-Campus Population: 1200 Chapter Size: 0

Origin of Program:

"Southside Showcase was originally an idea of resident assistant Darenton Randall. Colorado School of Mines puts a large importance on components of STEM, so Darenton wanted to create an event that celebrates and showcases the many talents of Mines students. There existed a component of many student’s lives that is not always showcased in the realm of STEM education that needed to be displayed. The program was intended to have two main components from its conception, including an art gallery and live performance area. Darenton’s vision became a reality after speaking about it at staff meetings and other residence life functions. With a team of six total resident assistants, and the support and assistance from residence life coordinators and various residence life staff members, the vision became a reality!! Planning for the program spanned approximately one month, which included the securing of a location, advertising, acquiring various pieces of equipment (e.g. lights, microphone stands, etc.), and execution. Since the program was intended to have an outdoor component, Southside Showcase was postponed by one week from its original time due to inclement weather. On the day of the program, there was additional assistance from other members of residence life.


Word Count: 199

Please give a short description of the program:

"There are two main components of Southside Showcase, including an art gallery walk and live performances. The program begins with a sign-in station and light refreshments, which is located within the gallery walk. The gallery walk is set up in an indoor open social space, allowing people to sit or walk around. The live performances occur for approximately two hours after the hour-long gallerwalk, bringing the total time of this event to approximately three hours. Within the gallery walk, there are pieces of art that Mines students have created, ranging from photos, paintings, and origami. All are placed on tables or affixed to walls, with descriptive cards placed near each piece. A few pieces of art were donated by members of the Department of Residence Life, to be raffled off. Each person in attendance is given a slip of paper to write their names on, and is allowed to put their name in a raffle to win art-themed prizes. Each piece is then placed in a bag which is then raffled from... The live performance area utilizes a sound system, courtesy of Mines Internet Radio, and is located in the same location of the gallery walk. An array of multi-color LED floodlights surround the stage, which are controlled by a remote. Each performer has the option to change the lights to any configuration they would like for their performance. Performers are provided microphones,, music stand, and chair to utilize in their performances. Throughout the live performances, winners for the raffle of the prizes are periodically selected. A message about support, inclusion, and diversity is stated by the emcee, Darenton Randall, reinforcing that all performers’ talents are worth celebrating! From here, glow sticks are handed out to attendees, and the live performances follow. Performances of all kinds are encouraged, including juggling, singing, and playing various instruments. A sign up was provided in the weeks leading up to the Southside Showcase. With that being said, open-mic performances are encouraged and allowed from the attendees! "

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Goals of the program:

"The purpose of Southside Showcase was to cultivate an environment where residents were able to showcase what they truly felt made them special. The residence life staff at Colorado School of Mines aspires to assist the campus in being a place where students can come and be themselves. With this in mind, resident assistant Darenton Randall delivered a short speech at the beginning of the live performance section of Southside Showcase. Darenton Randall mandated that there will be no booing nor negative talk about anyone during any part of their performance. He also required the audience to give equivalent amounts of praise after each performer’s act - this mitigated open favoritism, which alleviated performers potentially feeling that their talent was less in value than others. Along with providing a supporting environment, another goal of the program was to give students of Colorado School of Mines a chance to provide attention to the artistic side of themselves. Colorado School of Mines is an academically STEM based school, which can inhibit colorism in a student’s personality and hobbies. Southside Showcase was meant to combat this by providing an environment to express self-interests freely. The program was successful in this regard with overwhelming participation!


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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

"The people who participated in Southside Showcase, either performing or being a member in the audience, left with a valued lesson in their heart. Their eyes were opened to the fact that one cannot simply restrain another person in a box of stereotypes. A quality community should be supportive of all skills and interests of every member in it. All the participants left with the appreciation that people are amazing in more aspects of their lives than what is seen up front. This evoked a notion of respect and responsibility to appreciate the differences in people.


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Short evaluation of the program:

"This program, overall, proved to be very effective. In the past, similar programs had been put on for much smaller communities, typically put on by and for the visual and performing arts community on campus. By creating an event like this for the entire campus, it allowed people outside of the visual and performing arts floor to have an equal opportunity to shine. In many ways, it was very eye-opening for the residents that attended the program because they got to learn about the hidden talents of their peers. The program also did a great job of creating an inclusive environment for all those who decided to showcase their art. "

Word Count: 111

How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

"This program can be adapted to other campuses as a whole or in two individual parts - the goal of the program still remains though, which is to provide an environment for students to showcase their talent and have support and encouragement from others. In regards to the gallery walk, an indoor open space is ideal to prevent the pieces of art being affected by any potential bad weather. All forms of art can be accepted. In regards to the live performances, an outdoor location may be ideal in warmer months, but this can also be done in an indoor location. One perk of an outdoor location is that people can bring lawn chairs and blankets or sit on the grass. An indoor location can similarly work, but chairs may have to be provided. The sound system was provided by an on-campus radio station, but can also be rented if needed from outside sources. Food options can change depending on the options/budget for the program. QDoba (which is accomodating to vegetarians) was provided.


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