Month: May 2019


Social Program of the Month
Call for Cookies

School: University of Florida Region: SAACURH
Person in charge: Keys Area Housing Staff Nominator: Anthony Sanchez

Target Population: 161 Time Needed to Organize: 2 hours
Number of People in Attendance: 90 Date(s) of Program: May 28th
Number of People Needed to Organize: 7 Cost of Program: $76.98
On-Campus Population: 9300 Chapter Size: 93

Origin of Program:

The Keys Residential Complex has become known as being an area in which residents do not want to leave their rooms to socialize or connect with their Resident Assistant. The area is primarily upperclassmen and student athletes who are very separated based on building structure. To combat this, the Keys housing staff came together to create Call for Cookies where residents could call a number provided to request cookies and milk to be delivered to their door by a Resident Assistant in the area.

The idea for this program came from an idea that was shared at a NACURH conference program. This idea was called Dial for Dogs in which residents would call a phone number to receive hot dogs to their rooms. The Keys Residential Complex does not have any traditional events and the area government of this community struggles with attendance. We hope moving forward that Call for Cookies will become a tradition for the Keys area because of the overwhelming support and positive feedback we received regarding the event. The program allowed for Resident Assistants to meet their residents, for residents to connect with their roommates, and left a mutual positive impact for the Keys Complex community.

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Please give a short description of the program:

The Call for Cookies event took about two weeks to plan and put together with the help of five Resident Assistants, one graduate community coordinator, and one highly supportive Area Coordinator. The UF Department of Housing and Residence Education requires that all purchase requests be submitted two weeks in advance. With this in mind, a purchase request was submitted for cups, two large gourmet cookie platter consisting of about 200 cookies, and an assortment of milk.

For this event to be successful it is important to get the word out about how residents can order the cookies at least one week out from the event. Because this event was done in an apartment style residence hall, 8.5x11 flyers were created for the event along with door hangers to place on every individual exterior resident door.

On each flyer was a phone number that the residents could call to order the cookies to their doors. In an effort to have a number that was not the on-call phone (which we collectively decided as a team should only be for emergencies) we decided to create a Google Voice phone number and have that numbered forwarded to the graduate community coordinator’s phone number to be able to answer to take orders. The number was only activated during the event and residents were instructed to leave a voicemail indicating their house number, room number, and number of residents requesting cookies and milk if no one was able to pick up the phone. This was incredibly helpful because during the event multiple people would be calling at one time.

Two days before the event, an email was sent out to all residents of the keys community reminding people about the event and the number they needed to call to receive the cookies. On the morning of the event, another email was sent out as a reminder. By pushing the event so much, the event was one of the most successful events the Keys area has ever had with over half of the residents within the community participating (about 90 residents).

It was a success because the event helped bring roommates together; we had residents schedule movie nights with their roommates together during this time, we had residents knock on their roommates doors to see if they would like cookies, and residents were able to meet their new resident assistants for the first time.

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Goals of the program:

Residents need to feel valued, supported, and welcomed within their communities. Call for Cookies aimed to accomplish three goals for residents in the Keys area.

1. The event aimed to create a space in which Resident Assistants and residents were able to connect with each other face to face. 2. The program aimed to connect residents together with their roommates who they may not have talked with previously. 3. The program aimed to welcome residents to the community and make them feel valued by the department of housing.

Call for Cookies is designed to reach residents where they are at and allow a space for residents to feel that housing events are fun and welcoming. This event set the summer off on a very high note as it allowed for new Resident Assistants to also feel encouraged to go the extra mile because through the event they saw that Keys residents are actually not as closed off as past Resident Assistants have painted them out to be. Programs need to be tailored to the needs of their residents and Call for Cookies does just that!

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Positive and lasting effects of the program:

“Can you ask your roommate if they would like any cookies?” This is what we asked residents who were only order cookies for one person. Whenever we asked this question, many residents stated how “we don’t really talk much but sure, I’ll ask them!” Almost every time they asked their roommate if they wanted cookies, they right away said that they would love cookies.

The beauty of this event is that even though the lasting effects cannot be seen right away, you know that they are there. This event helped roommates break the ice and start talking with each other, it allowed residents to meet their Resident Assistant who delivered them cookies, and left a positive image in their mind about the department of housing. Some residents stated that because of the Call for Cookies event happening they decided to organize a stay in movie night with their roommates together in their apartment and that they would never have thought to do that if the cookie event wasn’t happening. This event was a huge success and we hope to make it into a tradition for the Keys community.

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Short evaluation of the program:

Call for Cookies was a huge success for the Keys community with over half of the community participating in the program. Residents were able to engage with their roommates on a deeper level while getting the chance to meet their new Resident Assistant. This event is highly successful in communities that are apartment style and very easy to implement. In the future, the Keys staff aims to improve the event by ordering vegan and nut free cookies so that all residents can be able to enjoy the cookies.

Resident Assistants loved being able to make this program happen because it allowed them to meet their residents while also being able to instantly see the happiness on their resident’s faces as soon as they open the door to greet them. The event was very easy to execute, did not take a lot of time to plan, and was incredibly fun and rewarding for all parties involved. Programs need to be tailored to address the needs and naunces of the community they are for and Call for Cookies did just that.

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How could this program be adapted to other campuses?

This program can be easily adapted to other campuses especially in apartment style communities or communities that have a history of having residents that “do not show up to events.” Call for Cookies does not require a lot of money to implement and only needs a small team to be able to execute. The event could be a lot to manage in a community with a large number of residents if too many people call at once so make sure to have a system in place that works best for you and your team to be able to take orders.

What makes the program fun is how high energy it is! Make sure to keep your team motivated and eager to run out the door to deliver the cookies and milk to the residents as quickly as possible. During the event we also suggest to take photos and videos of the event to compile together for a thank you wrap up surprise for Resident Assistants.

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