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NACURH OTM Winners for October 2018

Residence Life Professional Staff - Eric Morrow
University of Nevada, Las Vegas - IACURH

Educational Program - Sustainably Caffeinated
Gonzaga University - PACURH

Residential Community - Loyd Commons
Southern Methodist University - SWACURH

Organization - Chaffee Hall Council
Boise State University - IACURH

Passive Program - Sexual Assault Awareness
New Mexico State University - IACURH

Executive Board Member - Meredith Finley
University of Iowa - MACURH

First Year Student - Elizabeth Walton
Western Illinois University - GLACURH

Spotlight - UNF RLC Delegation
University of North Florida - SAACURH

Student Staff Member - Dylan Lahrs
University of California, Santa Barbara - PACURH

Institution Faculty/Staff - Dr. John Pustejovsky
Marquette University - GLACURH

Community Service Program - Boo Boo Bunnies
University of Southern Mississippi - SAACURH

Social Program - Nightmare in Noehren
University of Northern Iowa - MACURH

Advisor - Jackson Cardarelli
University of South Florida - SAACURH

Student - Stacey Alphonse
Florida State University - SAACURH

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